Being one of the best BI service providers we understand the needs, wants and challenges faced by the Energy & Utility industry which includes logistics for high-volume and low-value commodity. We provide solutions which result in better logistics management, diminishing working capital and improvement in labor productivity and asset utilization.

With strong analytics technology expertise, Inteliment helps financial services companies to effectively acquire, manage, and retain profitable customers by applying a wide range of advanced analytics capabilities tailored to each business need.

Success Highlight

For a global leader in the energy sector, Inteliment’s Energy Analytics helped have a 360 degree view of their business in terms of Revenue generated in Value and Volume compared to budgeted values. The analytics suite also provided a geo-interface to monitor project progress across sites and user friendly dashboards to analyze financial results, Orders won and lost, Creditors and debtors and performance of site managers.

Using our Analytics Capability for Consulting, you can achieve :

Customer Retention

Predict customer lapse, and create personalized campaigns designed to keep your most valuable customers from attiring.

Campaign Management

Reduce the impact of risks by applying advanced analytics that allows you to anticipate risks and initiate risk control measures to minimize losses.

Demand-response Program Analytics

Know how to propel your energy efficiency efforts in collaboration with customer education today and tomorrow/on-demand

Social Media Analytics

Understand customer sentiment about your brand, products and services across multiple channels – and its relationship to customer satisfaction.

Storm Analytics

Shrink outage duration by employing analytics before, during and after a storm to improve the effectiveness of your preparation and restoration efforts.

Price Forecasting

Predict future power prices with confidence, using mathematical models.

Smart Meter Analytics

Know in advance how much wind power and solar energy will be available at any given time.

Renewable Energy Forecasting

Spot rate evasion tactics during the quote process – before you issue a policy.

Load Forecasting

Get trustworthy, repeatable and defensible load forecasts for short-to long-term planning horizons

Analytics in Action

Campaign Management

Reduce risks by applying analytics that allows you to anticipate and initiate risk control measures to minimize

Customer Retention

Predict customer lapse, create personalized campaigns designed to keep your valuable customers from attiring

Price Forecasting

Manage Capacity utilization, Systems up time, Fixed, marginal, and variable production cost, Inventory days and turns

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