Whatever the subject, scale, and stage your business is in,
we help you stay ahead of your competition with actionable insights.


We tailor our solutions to the needs of our clients. Each app is designed for the problem at hand.


We bring the actionable information forward, producing compelling visualizations.


We rapidly develop production-ready solutions from scratch with our tools and frameworks.

Industry View : It’s not how much data you have that matters, it’s how you use it. Today business leaders are seeking a fresh look at their existing data to unlock new and unexpected value. The usage of Analytics offers immense opportunities across the Value Chain – to serve customers better, improve operations and make better day-to-day decisions.

Inteliment View : Advance Analytics Practice at Inteliment brings together collective knowledge of Analytics Processes and Technology to help you do more than just making Better and Faster Decisions : Help build New Business Models and Strategies.

Customer View :“Basis our data, Inteliment was able to show us what would be our best and worst performing items hence we could do our sourcing better” – CIO, Large Retail Company

Visual Analytics

Businesses don’t care about data points. They care about running their business.
They need to use their data to find insights and drive action.


In order for business people to effectively analyse information, they need tools that enables to work without distracting from the data.

With this in mind, we create simple, clean user interfaces that serve as a subtle backdrop to the analytics.


If the presentation of business data is not laid out properly, users will have difficulty engaging with the information and decisions.

We design our solutions with a logical flow to the data and visual analysis. We call this process Guided Analytics.

Data Viz

Proper data visualization reveals patterns and trends, separating the actionable information from the noise.

We design visualizations that address specific questions  by incorporating interactivity  that enhance the analysis.

Our Craft

Profitability Management

Analyze Net and Gross Revenue, Net and Gross Margin, Fixed Cost, Variable Cost, Profit%, Cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR), Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation (EBITDA), Economic value added (EVA), Cost of goods sold (COGS) as contributors of Profitability

Customer Analytics

A single view of customers across channels which reveals insights into customer behavior and enriches overall customer experience with Business Rules, Loyalty Analytics, Response and Churn Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Reduce risks by applying analytics that allows you to anticipate and initiate risk control measures to minimize losses

Text Analytics

Turn unstructured text into meaningful insights

Data is everywhere – CRM Feedbacks, Social Media, Blogs, Surveys, Emails, Texts, Documents. This unstructured data has a tremendous potential to derive customer insights.

We provide unique solutions to help you quickly identify themes, trends and patterns without the need to read the documents and to explore the relationship between the content of documents and/or numerical variables.

Structure the un-structured

Extract precisely what customers are talking about; with higher accuracy and create categories on the fly so

Sentiment Analytics

Listen to your customer’s voice : who and where are they and what they think and feel about your brand to improve their engagement and loyalty.

Strengthen your Strategy

Strop guesswork in your research and customer insight areas with intuitive and interactive visualizations to identify key trends and patters

Accelerate Business

Statistical and data-viz tools to interpret word frequencies, clustering, correspondence analysis to improve your customer experience

Our Craft

Control and Compliance

Maintain compliance and effective business processes while reducing risk in areas such as Environment, Green Technology, Industry Standards, International Trade Compliance

Social Media Analytics

Predict your customer’s future buying behaviors and leverage on the opportunities to enhance customer experience

Social Media Analytics

Capture insights from social media to understand brand image and achieve the highest degree of customer engagement

Predictive Analytics

Understanding what happened in the past can provide significant insights to improve your future. With Predictive Analytics, you can anticipate emerging trends, take preemptive action to minimize risk, and make better decisions with much greater confidence.

Our predictive analytics offering is empowered by our experience to build solutions on open source as well as on proprietary platforms form our leading partners.

Reduce Churn

Analyze customer and brand sentiment from social media to improve marketing put comes, accelerate sales, grow market share

Predictive Maintenance

Predict machinery performance degradation or potential equipment failure by continuously analyzing streams of machine data and diagnostic information.

Fraud Prevention

Scenario planning, forecasts to identify the probability of fraudulent activity or event by analyzing historical and transactional information.

Risk Assessment

Reduce uncertainty by timely indentation of potential risks and proactively mitigate them by understanding the probability.

Our Craft

Audit Management

Gain more from internal audits with closer alignment to the business

Service Analytics

It helps monitor and track after sales processes to generate insights into spare parts supply management, proactive predictive maintenances and the discovery of new service revenue opportunities

Predictive Asset Maintenance

It enables smoother operations by reducing the risk of medical device failure and ensuring optimal performance of medical devicest

  • "This project on the telecom networks was very demanding on data complexity, scale and speed. We had to handle millions of user’s data in real time. Interestingly every time we faced a challenge, Inteliment team was well prepared and aligned with teams with options for addressing an issue. We worked together as a team to deliver the best possible solution." -  Sr. Manager Strategy & Innovation, Asia’s Largest Telecom Company

  • "Inteliment has delivered to us customer profitability models, helping us increase margins and share of business with strategic enterprises. Inteliment’s strong analytics capabilities and excellent understanding of our business, helped deliver solutions that solve real business problems effectively." - VP Consumer Marketing, A leading Global Bank

  • "Inteliment was an excellent business productivity partner. While our team was brainstorming some futuristic solutions ideas, they helped us build a workable prototype, that helped us build a viable business case and obtain subsequent approvals. Both teams worked together to successfully deliver the promised value of a project within budgets." - Program Director, Fortune 100 Technology Company, Global Leader in Automotive

  • "I was impressed with their desire and commitment to deliver a solution providing value and insight. I also appreciated their ability to educate and share knowledge with our team, allowing us to increase adoption and operationalize the project deliverable beyond the engagement." - VP Technology Transformation, One of the top 5 Life Insurance Companies of India

  • "Inteliment team exceeded our expectations in delivering the solution that was defined as a top priority for our business head. They gained a very thorough understanding of our business in a very short amount of time and were flexible to adopt the changes arising due to internal as well as external challenges faced during the project phases." - BU Head, India’s No 1 Engineering Company

  • "Inteliment’s SMEs did an outstanding job in helping us define the solution architecture for an evolving bigdata landscape considering the unique needs of the industry and advancements in many applications including streaming channels. Their professional approach in managing delivery matched our expectations on speed and quality." - Head of Business Transformation Program, A leading Media Company."

Our Thinking

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