Being Data-Driven is the first step towards the Data Science!

Understand your markets, consumers, supply chains to better serve customers, develop more compelling products, and achieve business success!

Data Science can only be as good as the technology behind it


Industry View : An inability to utilize available data can be the difference between an organization’s success and failure.
Being a data-driven business is not enough, today companies need to have a solid data science strategy to transform into an enterprise with predictive capabilities.

Inteliment View : Our Data Scientists work collaboratively with our clients to understand the right problem, define vision and build project plan for achieving the desired outcomes leveraging Data Science.

Customer View : “iDS Cloud is an ‘all-in-one’ platform that has helped us in designing models, validating and executing complex analytical workflows– in a single environment. We like this solution.
–CIO of a Nifty Company

We focus on getting you answers for:

  • How much or how many? (regression)
  • Which category? (classification)
  • Which group? (clustering)
  • Is this weird? (anomaly detection)
  • Which option should be taken? (recommendation)

Inteliment’s iDS Cloud makes it simple for you

  • Data Ingestion and Storage
  • Connecting Data
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Modelling and Experimentation Engine
  • Visualization Frameworks

We, at Inteliment help you apply the Right Models to the Right Data, and you can easily identify the patterns in massive volumes of data to Predict and achieve the desired Business Outcomes.

Make a Big(data) Difference with Inteliment!

Create a Big Impact

It’s all about HOW you make out of your data. New technology trends, such as Hadoop and Cloud-based storage, make it more efficient and affordable handling massive volumes of data.

Be Predictive

By predicting the likelihood of events before they occur, data science allows you to be proactive and take actions to optimize outcomes rather than being reactive.

Learn to Lead

As data science-driven insights are put into action, the results of those actions are fed back into the predictive models and algorithms that is continuously improving.

Create a new parallel

Use it to personalize offers to customers or to prevent equipment malfunctions. Every industry can transform their business outcomes with data science.


R, Java, scientific Python libraries, Excel, SQL, Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Mahout and other machine learning libraries, GitHub for source control and issue management

Analytical Methods

Classification, clustering, similarity detection, recommenders, unsupervised and supervised learning, small- and large-scale computations, measuring prediction accuracy and coverage/error

Team Structure

Mathematicians, Statisticians, Scientists, Developers, Systems Engineers

  • "This project on the telecom networks was very demanding on data complexity, scale and speed. We had to handle millions of user’s data in real time. Interestingly every time we faced a challenge, Inteliment team was well prepared and aligned with teams with options for addressing an issue. We worked together as a team to deliver the best possible solution." -  Sr. Manager Strategy & Innovation, Asia’s Largest Telecom Company

    Sr. Manager Strategy & Innovation-Asia’s Largest Telecom Company
  • "Inteliment has delivered to us customer profitability models, helping us increase margins and share of business with strategic enterprises. Inteliment’s strong analytics capabilities and excellent understanding of our business, helped deliver solutions that solve real business problems effectively." - VP Consumer Marketing, A leading Global Bank

    VP Consumer Marketing-A leading Global Bank
  • "Inteliment was an excellent business productivity partner. While our team was brainstorming some futuristic solutions ideas, they helped us build a workable prototype, that helped us build a viable business case and obtain subsequent approvals. Both teams worked together to successfully deliver the promised value of a project within budgets." - Program Director, Fortune 100 Technology Company, Global Leader in Automotive

    Program Director, Fortune 100 Technology Company-Global Leader in Automotive
  • "I was impressed with their desire and commitment to deliver a solution providing value and insight. I also appreciated their ability to educate and share knowledge with our team, allowing us to increase adoption and operationalize the project deliverable beyond the engagement." - VP Technology Transformation, One of the top 5 Life Insurance Companies of India

    VP Technology Transformation-Top 5 Life Insurance Company of India
  • "Inteliment team exceeded our expectations in delivering the solution that was defined as a top priority for our business head. They gained a very thorough understanding of our business in a very short amount of time and were flexible to adopt the changes arising due to internal as well as external challenges faced during the project phases." - BU Head, India’s No 1 Engineering Company

    BU Head - India’s No 1 Engineering Company
  • "Inteliment’s SMEs did an outstanding job in helping us define the solution architecture for an evolving bigdata landscape considering the unique needs of the industry and advancements in many applications including streaming channels. Their professional approach in managing delivery matched our expectations on speed and quality." - Head of Business Transformation Program, A leading Media Company."

    Head of Business Transformation Program - One of the leading Media Company
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