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Amidst the ever-changing economic markets, it’s essential for financial services companies to leverage information in new ways to maintain and grow profits, adjust to the constantly changing regulatory environment and enhance performance. Initiatives in better data management and analytics are beginning to take shape. However, it is easier said than done. Realizing and creating value from data and turning information into insight and practical action is challenging.

With strong analytics technology expertise, Inteliment helps financial services companies to effectively acquire, manage and retain profitable customers by applying a wide range of advanced analytics capabilities tailored to each business need.

Digital Marketing

Create the best offers for targeted marketing. Optimize the expenditures through promotional activity analysis. Easily do “What if” analysis on the benefits of new products and promotions.
Improve the marketing efforts through regional and local sales analysis, and customer segmentation analysis.

Know Your Customers Better

Identify their buying habits, lifestyles and preferences. Understand how social relationships influence the purchase behaviors and loyalty. Study customer profitability, perform credit risk analysis and identify potential opportunities for sales of other products.

Risk and Compliance

Easily conduct Asset & Liability Analysis, visualize aggregated market risk across asset classes & portfolios, Credit Risk, manage and value operational and compliance risks.

Operations Analysis

Analyze staff productivity, transaction volume, and customer satisfaction. Easily comply with regulatory reporting. Empower users to analyze and gain useful insights to make fact-based decisions.

Visual and Predictive Analytics

Spot trends, patterns, and hidden insights by exploring datasets of any size through visual dashboards. Uncover insights, find answers to complex problems by visually exploring data.

Profitability Analytics

Focus on and invest in the right customers and products by analyzing the costs and revenue levers associated with customers and products at highly granular levels

Success Highlight

Inteliment has provided a uniquely designed PPA Tool to leading Telecom in a managed service arrangement to replace their existing system. The new tool enabled customer to add insights and timely recommendations, report consistently, and help improve overall project practices.

“Inteliment team has helped us identify and visualise risks and impacts, using analytics to help us solve complex project problems. The tool-sets built that we apply now to any size and scale projects and quality audit planning and offers a risk-sensing mechanism.” -Sr VP, IT, a Leading Telecom Company

Success Highlight

For a large retail company, Inteliment has value added with insights into understanding Social Media growth, follower’s categorization, Average reach, total visits, cost per click, engagement rate, total impressions, top website referral channels, Revenue generated via referral channels, customer satisfaction and sentiment analysis.

“Our Digital Marketing programme was focussed towards increasing footfalls online and some other allied KPIs. Internal Analytics teams were joined by Inteliment teams and together we achieved our goals.” - Director, Digital Analytics, 2nd Largest Retail Company of India

Success Highlight

Inteliment delivered a scorecard to help telecom companies customer retention and network engineering teams with ‘Service Assurance’ analytics that was pumping loads of complex data real time. SA solution provided automated root-cause analysis and visual analytics for competitive benchmarking.

“Our executive team thrusts a lot on Customer Engagement and hence this programme has gained a lot of value internally. Inteliment team was instrumental in helping us build a niche solution we needed.” -
Head, Consumer Insights, Leading Telecom Company

Success Highlight

For Asia’s largest Telecom company offering 2G, 3G, and 4G services, Inteliment provided data-driven analytics solutions in areas of – Network Up-Time & Service Assurance Monitoring, Crowd Sourcing Application for Coverage, Customer Experience Analysis to achieve business and operational objectives and increase the revenue and decrease costs.

“Inteliment helped us with an integrated view of relevant data to help us improve our data centre and SLA scores to our global customers as well as users.” - Head of Analytics of Asia’s largest Telecom Company

Our Craft

Risk and Compliance

Reduce risks by applying analytics that allows you to anticipate and initiate risk control measures to minimize losses

Customer Segmentation

Perform better customer categorization to strengthen sales with more focused marketing strategies

Price Forecasting

Manage Capacity utilization, Systems up time, Fixed, marginal, & variable production cost, Inventory days & turns

  • "This project on the telecom networks was very demanding on data complexity, scale and speed. We had to handle millions of user’s data in real time. Interestingly every time we faced a challenge, Inteliment team was well prepared and aligned with teams with options for addressing an issue. We worked together as a team to deliver the best possible solution." -  Sr. Manager Strategy & Innovation, Asia’s Largest Telecom Company

    Sr. Manager Strategy & Innovation-Asia’s Largest Telecom Company
  • "Inteliment has delivered to us customer profitability models, helping us increase margins and share of business with strategic enterprises. Inteliment’s strong analytics capabilities and excellent understanding of our business, helped deliver solutions that solve real business problems effectively." - VP Consumer Marketing, A leading Global Bank

    VP Consumer Marketing-A leading Global Bank
  • "Inteliment was an excellent business productivity partner. While our team was brainstorming some futuristic solutions ideas, they helped us build a workable prototype, that helped us build a viable business case and obtain subsequent approvals. Both teams worked together to successfully deliver the promised value of a project within budgets." - Program Director, Fortune 100 Technology Company, Global Leader in Automotive

    Program Director, Fortune 100 Technology Company-Global Leader in Automotive
  • "I was impressed with their desire and commitment to deliver a solution providing value and insight. I also appreciated their ability to educate and share knowledge with our team, allowing us to increase adoption and operationalize the project deliverable beyond the engagement." - VP Technology Transformation, One of the top 5 Life Insurance Companies of India

    VP Technology Transformation-Top 5 Life Insurance Company of India
  • "Inteliment team exceeded our expectations in delivering the solution that was defined as a top priority for our business head. They gained a very thorough understanding of our business in a very short amount of time and were flexible to adopt the changes arising due to internal as well as external challenges faced during the project phases." - BU Head, India’s No 1 Engineering Company

    BU Head - India’s No 1 Engineering Company
  • "Inteliment’s SMEs did an outstanding job in helping us define the solution architecture for an evolving bigdata landscape considering the unique needs of the industry and advancements in many applications including streaming channels. Their professional approach in managing delivery matched our expectations on speed and quality." - Head of Business Transformation Program, A leading Media Company."

    Head of Business Transformation Program - One of the leading Media Company
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