Cloud Platform for Data Science, IoT & Analytics

Data Science without a Data Scientist

Not every organization was born digital. In other words, not every company’s business processes are IT-driven and data-powered. Regardless of the industry sector and the IT life stage you’re in, acquiring and analyzing new and existing data will allow you to gain actionable insights.

Our iDS platform Mission is to - help people connecting their curiosity and experience with ‘Any Data’.

The iDS Cloud encapsulates set of Data-Driven Analytical Solutions, Tools, Techniques & Infrastructure that enables data scientists, engineers, and business users unlock the value of data at every stage of the data journey and decision making.

December 6, 2016

Network Performance Management

Analyze network usage, data flow, and traffic trends to efficiently forecast and plan infrastructure investments, monitor network deployments, and track key performance indicators through Traffic Volume Analytics and Call Route Analysis
December 6, 2016

Customer Analytics

Leverage data for better Customer segmentation, Customer Sentiment Analysis, Churn & AARPU Analysis, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty, Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Experience, Credit Scoring, Behavior Modeling
December 6, 2016

Predictive Asset Maintenance

It enables smoother operations by reducing the risk of medical device failure and ensuring optimal performance of medical devices

When you partner with us, data science is no longer rocket science

An ideal Platform for Co-innovation for developing and deploying real-time Decision APIs
Visual Development Environment with powerful integration with -- Python, R, Hadoop, D3js.
Disruptive, Easy-to-use and affordable Platform for Innovators and Business People
Industry Agnostic, Cloud Enabled, Agile Design, Intuitive UI-UX, Best in class TCO

iDS Cloud is 'all-in-one' platform, to design models, validate and execute analytical workflows– in a single environment, improving efficiency and shorting the time to value for business users.

Data Science for Everyone!


Access, reuse and share processes & data sources


Scalable processing architecture for In-Memory algorithms and computations


Scheduling of workflow executions, trigger event-driven model execution


Support major BI and data visualization vendors, Generic, API & web-service connector


Manage models, user administration & security

Data Science Behind Every Decision.

ids in action below



Access, import and prepare data – specifically for predictive analytics


Apply Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics to your data to prototype predictive models



Measure, score & optimize model performance and efficiently validate accuracy


Embed your models within your business processes and applications