Inteliment CEO Prashant Pansare on NASSCOM’s National SME Council

Pune, May 30, 2017

Inteliment Technology, a leading Data Analytics Company, announced that NASSCOM, an apex body of IT industry in India, has nominated Prashant Pansare, Managing Director of Inteliment Technologies, on its newly established National SME Council.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in India, expected to be the growth drivers for the economy going forward, are becoming the point of focus. SME sector has huge potential, especially in the times when the big and large players are not able to perform well due to the global economic scenario.

NASSCOM, India's apex body of IT & BPM, has formed an exclusive SME Council for the first time. The core focus of SME council is guiding SMEs on emerging technology trends and opportunities, skills management, creating awareness about the assisting in tapping the international markets, providing assistance in Scalability providing mentoring, financing and global market access assistance, educate about government programs and incentives for SMEs, IP safeguard as well as collaboration across regions.

"NASSCOM has more than 1800 SME members and approx. 60% of them are below 60 Crs revenues. Past few years, we SME are shifting focused from conventional software services to product based value creation, niche skills based services. Pune is amongst top 3 cities on software exports, is emerging as IP hub for manufacturing & Fintech segments for global leaders. We will have a Pune SME-Council to align with the National Council initiatives and add value to the SME sector", said Prashant Pansare, Managing Director of Inteliment Technologies.

Lead by NASSCOM's Ashok Pamidi, Mr. Kamal Agarwal is the National Council Chair. Pune Council will have a mentorship form Dr Ganesh Natarajan, Past Chairman of NASSCOM, and Prasad Deore regional Head.