Inteliment offers a range of white papers on topics related to Big Data, Business Analytics, Advanced Analytics, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Gamification, and many more. The aim of these white papers is to help you leverage these concepts, techniques, and technologies to derive true business value from the structured and unstructured data residing within and outside your organization.

From Data to Insights

How to Create True Business Value from Advanced Analytics.

In this comprehensive guide by Inteliment, you will –

  • Understand what is advanced business analytics and the key business benefits of that
  • Know some of the real-world examples where enterprises have experienced positive business impact of advanced business analytics
  • Know the best practices to follow to ensure that the business analytics initiatives are successful

The Future Data-Driven Organizations

IoT, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is the Game Changer

This comprehensive guide by Inteliment aims to offer answers to common questions around being a data-driven organization and data innovation.

  • Understand what does it really mean to be a data-driven organization
  • What are the characteristics of a data-driven organization?
  • Know more about iDS Cloud – the art and science of data

The Art & Science of Data for Industry 4.0

The manufacturing industry is leveraging newer technologies like Machine Learning, IoT, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Cloud and Big Data to streamline operations, enhance response times, reduce downtime, achieve preventive maintenance, drive scalability, increase the output, reap greater profits and create more jobs.

Read this article, to know –

  • The art and science of data for Industry 4.0
  • How Digital Disruption is Fueled by Industry 4.0
  • The Smart Manufacturing Trends to Watch Out

This article is published by – Industrial Product Review, a leading technology magazine in their November 2017, authored by Inteliment CEO Prashant Pansare.

Enterprise Digital Transformation Powered by AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the associated technologies are at the top of the agenda for global enterprise CXOs. And very rightly so because AI has the potential to transform enterprises and industries over the next decade. Many profitable companies like Amazon, Google, Netflix have already leveraged the power of AI to create delightful experiences for their customers.

In this guide, you will know –

  • What is Artificial Intelligence and its key elements
  • The key areas within enterprises that are impacted by AI
  • A quick overview of how various industries are already leveraging AI
  • How AI, Big Data, and IoT can transform enterprise technology landscape
  • The key challenges faced by organizations in adopting AI
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