When You Have the Luxury of Competing with Big Brands!

 In CEO Corner

The internet has been buzzing with the launch of Microsoft’s new product offering ahead of their Build conference. I like how Microsoft is trying to democratize machine learning and AI. After all, knowledge shared is knowledge doubled.

AI is no longer a nebulous concept…one that showed humanity trying to play God and then being doomed into extinction steeped in hubris as the creation surpassed the creator. AI today is changing the way we do business.

Gartner deems AI to be one of the most influential technologies that have significant disruptive potential.

Machine Learning is now globally recognized as a key driver of digital transformation and expected to be responsible for cumulative investments of $58 billion by the end of 2021.

McKinsey & Company predicts that 70% of businesses will use AI. By 2030, we can expect the AI market to touch $13 trillion.

And in 2019 we will witness greater democratization of Data Science amongst business users, not just data scientists alone. The rise of open source frameworks and libraries have also contributed to making AI and ML friendlier

The Critical Role of UI and UX

It is hardly a wonder that most forward-thinking organizations are looking at how to leverage the potential of AI and Machine Learning. But to deliver smart experiences by making data work intelligently, ML needs to take user experience design seriously. ML and data science tools have to become intuitive enough for regular businesses users to use and for that easy and intuitive UI and UX is a must.
Perception shows how hard it is to build machine learning models, leave alone build them fast. These models also need to scale easily to the needs of the modern enterprise. It also means providing the required security guarantees. Clearly, Machine Learning and AI can hardly be called easy. Or is it?

The Revolution is Here

Rubics, our revolutionary data science platform, applied design thinking and business user-centricity from the word ‘go’ to build the Designer Studio, drag & drop functionality. Could the Data Scientists job become easier than this? Not just data scientists, even the average business user can use Rubics easily owing to its sharp UI and UX focus to become more data-driven in their decision making.

And when I look at Microsoft’s offering, I cannot help but feel a little tinge of pride. No, I in no way have any contribution to Microsoft’s ML product offerings. I’m pleased because we have an already working, excellent product, Rubics, in the market way before the giant got interested to democratize ML. And I have to say that we even might have an edge over Microsoft. Here’s why


If you want to buy a smart TV would you look at a brand that’s good at making washing machines? In all probabilities, your answer will be no. So, when it comes to machine learning and data science wouldn’t you need equal dedication?
Rubics is a dedicated data science platform that helps Open Source, Algorithms, Computation, and Business People work harmoniously. Our product offering is comprehensive and is focused to solve all the major data challenges. Want an industry-specific solution? We got it. Want to identify how to improve the business process? Want to manage large volumes of data, complex processing, in-memory storage, and security? We have the solution. Need a pre-built set of Linguistic, Statistical, NLP and Machine Learning techniques to Model & Structure textual data for analysis, visualization and collaboration? We got you covered.
You ask a data question, and Rubics has an answer. Because Rubics is solely focused on solving these and many more such data challenges.

Keeping it simple

What differentiates a good product from a great one? Simplicity.
When it comes to Rubics, it not only boasts of an intuitive UI and an enriched UX but also demonstrates the power to do more in fewer steps. We all know advanced data analytics can be a tricky game. So why not make the lives of the user easier? Why not make things faster? Rubics lets you do something in just 2 to 3 clicks what others do in 6 to 8 clicks.

Nimble and agile

Your agility can be a strong barometer to define your product success. We believe this strongly. The focus on customer service is stronger than ever before. Keeping this in mind, delivering what the customer wants and what she needs to achieve their end goal becomes of primary importance to us. Customer service is not just a protocol. It is a means to solve the customers’ problem and also improve our product further.
Agility is essential when you want to enable this. We listen to what our customers have to say. We make the changes they need to make the product more powerful for them. We scale when asked. Because of this, there is no waiting period for a product update like in a big organization. You need something. We promise to deliver and deliver it promptly.

Risk-taking capabilities

Sometimes you need to push the envelope further. Push a little harder. Take more risks. All this to make your product better, stronger and more relevant. We recognize this. After all, what good has ever been achieved without taking risks?
Unlike a large organization, our risk-taking capabilities are higher. This is so because we don’t need to go through bureaucratic red tape to implement a change. We are more agile and nimble in our approach to initiate change. Our customers are the heart of our product and their needs to decide the risks that we need to take.
With Rubics you have a comprehensive data science platform that takes care of all your needs. Rubics is easy, fast, and simple. And yet, it is also incredibly powerful.
In this data economy, it is but natural to want to build a data culture, help all business users become data scientists and become a truly data-driven organization. And Rubics gets you there. Easily.

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