Cloud – The Data Rains

Imagine you’re at the Coffee shop. You need to access a file that has information about your work, but as you attempt to find the file you realize that you’ve made a mistake. You saved the work on your desktop computer, but you only have your laptop with you. You have no way to access the file.

Gone are the days when organizations faced this problem, data security concerns are no longer seen as constraints for moving from on premise to cloud. Cloud is the way to store the data on the collection of hosted servers rather than using the personal computer or the personal network. That provides you the high benefits and also security.

 Productivity Anywhere:

As many tasks can be performed by the cloud itself reducing the manpower costs and increasing the productivity, and income per capita.

 No IT maintenance cost:

Maintenance can be one of the difficult tasks in this factor as cloud provides the maintenance and maintenance of cloud computing applications is much easier, because they do not need to be host on each user’s computer and can be accessed from different places.

Globalize your workforce on the cheap:

People can use the cloud applications throughout the world provided that Internet connection would be necessary for this. This globalization is one of the strong corner to use the cloud computing.

 Streamline processes:

All business processes are streamlined parallel as the multiple tasks supported by the cloud computing.

Offsite data storage:

The data can be accessed from any location via internet as cloud provides global data storage on the cloud.

Seeing these benefits, its small wonder as to why most organizations are moving to cloud and the adoption only echoes of this being the way forward!

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