Tech Update: A Connected Car – Your Best Buddy

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The automotive sector is transforming every passing day with the introduction of new car technologies. These latest technologies are having major impact on not only the automotive makers but also on the consumers.

Connected Car – a car with Internet access, wireless network, and connectivity with other outside devices is one of the hottest discussion point amongst the automotive experts these days. In simple words, a connected car is a smart car which not only listens to you but also take right decisions for you on its own. Let us understand what exactly is a connected car and various functionalities of such smart cars.

What is Connected Car?

Connected car is ‘a car with inter-connectivity’. It communicates with other devices present inside or outside the car. It uses telematics, artificial intelligence technologies, and mechatronics to interact with the environment to provide greater comfort, safety and entertainment with ‘connected-life’ experience.

Functionalities of the Connected Car:

Connected cars can have following functionality:

  • Navigation: It includes online route planning, traffic information. Navigation system provides a warning about traffic hazard.
  • Infotainment: It includes voice communication and personalized music. If the phone rings, music will be turned off so that the driver can communicate effectively on the phone.
  • Cost Efficiency: It consists of on-condition maintenance, remote diagnostics and insurance telematics. Maintenance monitoring system continuously monitors the health of car and shows alerts to the driver and sends information to mechanic even before driver detects the issue.
  • Safety: Drivers have access to a variety of security features that keep them safe and connected in the event of an emergency, including automatic roadside assistance, stolen vehicle tracking, and crash notification. In case of a crash, it sends information about the location of the car.
  • Payment: parking reservation and payment, electronic toll collection.
  • Remote Services: Customers can use a wireless device to control their connected car. They can send direction to the car, can locate their car in the parking area and can open it remotely.

All such functionalities propagate vital information to the driver through alarms, screen i.e. dashboard or messages. Plenty of information is generally available on dashboard. It may include speed, rpm, fuel indicator, location map etc.

Use Case:

Consider a scenario where you are travelling in your car and miss on noticing the low fuel level. In case of a regular car, you may get stuck in between your journey because of no fuel. But if you are in connected car, just relax, sensor will sense the fuel level, system will process the data and will alert you about low fuel level. It will also make use of data science and machine learning and find how much car can travel and display the nearest petrol pumps to you.

So here you go – connected car can be your best buddy, who helps you, guides you, entertains you and protects anytime anywhere.

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