From Mobile to Mobility in BI

Mobile phones have seen rapid innovation and improvement in specifications and responsiveness over the past decade which has been a result of the increasing demands from users, for both personal and business needs. Today’s mobile phones feature large touch screens, good API and OS support and graphics rendering that you actually can carry the PC in your hand.

Business Intelligence systems have matured over the years so much so that it is possible to access upto-the-minute data on your computers. But with the advent of tablet-computing, more information can be accessed on the go. The use of 3G / 4G and WIFI networks has made accessing data on the move a reality.

Every Business Intelligence solutions provider, be it SAP to Teradata from Tableau to MicroStrategy, everyone wants to be a part of the mobile BI revolution. The Mobile BI solution helps in delivering the data on the move and collecting data. The mobile phones can be a great tool that can collect data in real-time and can help the executives in visualizing up to-the-minute information and to make decisions using predictive analytics.

Mobile BI can be implemented by the way of accessing through the browser or via an App. Both approaches have their own share of advantages, but the latter approach is becoming increasingly popular and we should see many developers rolling out BI apps. On the other hand, the technologies like Adobe Flash and HTML5 are making it easier to present information on the mobile browser.

Mobile Business Intelligence can be summed up as the ability to access the BI related modules such as KPI’s, Dashboards and other information from the mobile screen. Mobile BI has been around for some time, but it is moving to the next level of innovation ladder.

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