Things That Make – Internet of Things

During the past few years, in the area of wireless communications and networking, a novel paradigm named the Internet of Things (IoT) which was first introduced by Kevin Ashton in the year 1998, has gained increasingly more attention in the academia and industry. By embedding short-range mobile transceivers into a wide array of additional gadgets and everyday items, enabling new forms of communication between people and things, and between things themselves, IoT would add a new dimension to the world of information and communication.

The Forbes made it official in 2014:

and the only way to advance in this seamless world of technology, is to be abreast with the latest technology.A thing, in the IoT, is any natural or man-made object that can be assigned an IP Address and provided with the ability to transfer data over a network. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a computing concept that describes a future where every day physical objects/things will be connected to the Internet (optional with on /off switch) and be able to identify themselves to other devices.

Applications, Impacts and Future Scope

An impact IoT could make on human life can be best illustrated by the latest post by Dan Tynan, a Tech Columnist on Yahoo Tech, 23rdApril, 2015 on “How the Internet of Things Could Save the Bees”.

Google Inc. recently announced that it is partnering with major automakers Audi, General Motors and Honda to put Android-connected cars on the roads. Google is currently developing a new Android platform that will connect cars to the Internet. Soon, car owners will be able to lock or unlock their vehicles, start the engine or even monitor vehicle performance from a computer or smartphone, which if provided with inefficient network security would result into serious consequences.

The reality is that we’ve already begun to automate as many aspects of the workplace as possible, and the home is just the next step. It will be something that will think for us, talk for us (well, except through automated texts), or making decisions for us. Rather, the internet of things simply allows humans to focus on larger projects than turning on a light or likewise.

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