Transform data to actionable intelligence

Make Sense

Quality analysis

Analyse manufacturing defect rates and determine the source of problems with pre-built algorithms and data models to improve operational efficiency.

Operational analytics

Expense analysis, inventory analysis, process reliability analysis, product/ service management, logistics analysis, demand forecasting, vendor evaluation, process kpi analysis, call centre analytics.

Customer segmentation

Perform better customer categorisation to strengthen sales with more focused marketing strategies.

Customer analytics

It helps build a 360 degree view of the customer and aims to leverage consumer sentiments and usage patterns to develop better products, cross sell, reduce customer churn, drive value added services and earn better ROI on sales and marketing spend.

Price forecasting

Manage capacity utilisation, systems up time, fixed, marginal, and variable production cost, inventory days and turns.

Marketing analytics

Understand and predict your customers better and drive your marketing efforts forward with a complete view of the customer across products and distribution channels.

Claims patterns

Reduce loss ratios and lower adjustment expenses by applying analytics across the claims process.

Production cost analysis

It enables you to integrate financial planning and budgeting processes, improves visibility of costs vs profitability and business outcomes.

Viewer analytics

Gain deeper insights for pay-per-view (PPV) ad placements to maximise ROI from ad spend. Attribution modelling for channel specific ad-budget optimisation based on click stream data. Analyse the data generated by set-top boxes (STBS).

Digital marketing

Create the best offers for targeted / relationship marketing. Analyse customer preferences, lifetime value, return, brand loyalty to improve sales forecasting, time-to-market and marketing ROI.

Predictive asset maintenance

This solution enables smoother operations by reducing the risk of medical device failure and ensuring that the medical devices run at optimal performance

Decision support

Clinical decision support solution is designed to improve clinical decision making by offering a powerful data analytics engine that gives doctors, statistical counsel in advising patients.

Service analytics

Monitor and track after-sales and service-related processes to generate insights into spare parts supply management, proactive predictive maintenances and the discovery of new service revenue opportunities.


Enables you to automate customer interactions with your applications/websites. Use text and voice interactions to resolve customer queries, conduct quick operations.

Strategic forecasting

Plan for the next year using the previous year’s numbers, deep dive into your previous sales, pricing and costs, and predicts what’s likely to happen next.

Compliance and risk management

Reduce fines, penalties, and fraud possibilities. Aggregate data to deliver an enterprise-wide view of compliance and risk.

Fraud analytics

Unsupervised or non-rules-based analyses driven by analytics technology uncovers new patterns, trends, fraudulent schemes, and scenarios. Calculate statistical parameters and look for outliers or values that exceed averages or are outside of standard deviations.

Customer demographics

Improve customer experience management, achieve the highest degree of customer engagement, broader brand presence and improved reachability across platforms.

Patient sentiment and experience

Patient sentiment and experience solution enables organisations to drill down to deeper insights to discover root causes and proactively act to improve the patient experience and create a more patient-centred approach to healthcare.

Social media analytics

Predict your customer’s future buying behaviours and leverage on the opportunities to enhance customer experience. Increased opportunities to gather and Analyse input on what people are saying about the products via social media. Identify new feature design and development changes in the product for better alignment with customer demand.

News analysis

Enables you to get insights from news without reading it to analyse trends, sentiment, risks, people opinions and visualise news data for relevant entities.

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