Enable greater insight, achieve faster time to value

Make Sense

News analysis

Enables you to get insights from news without reading them to analyse trends, sentiment, risks, people opinions and visualise news data for relevant entities

Predictive and preventive maintenance

Enables you to collect data from remote equipment’s installed at location/s, define models to predict future failures in equipment’s, detect patterns and factors affecting equipment performance to do predictive and preventive maintenance

Navigator – CXO analytics

Prebuild solution to collect data from SAP ERP/CRM/SCM, build enterprise data warehouse, visual dashboards and reports for CXO’S covering finance, sales and distribution, logistics and supply chain, production planning, projects.


Enables you to automate customer interactions with your applications/websites. Use text and voice interactions to resolve customer queries, do quick operations.


Enables proactive, near real time asset management and monitoring capability. What differentiates it is any relevant enterprise application data can be combined with asset usage information for additional insights.

Customer experience analytics (VOC)

The solution enables analysis of customer satisfaction based on feedback received (VOC). It provides the NPS score at every touchpoint based on the recommendation inputs, and for additional insights other data drivers can be integrated.

Service quality assurance

Enables you to analyse telecom network quality of service KPI’s based on the data received and processed from telecom tower probes. It also provides the combined view of other data drivers like OOKLA speed test and CDR to take a decision on network planning and optimisation to provide better quality of the service

Contactless payment

It uses the technology that powers contactless payments through a type of radio frequency identification (RFID). NFC transactions take place over a specific radio frequency that enables the card or smartphone to communicate with the payment reader when they’re close to each other.

Market research and strategy

Better customer segmentation, profitability analysis, survey analysis, brand perception analysis, product segmentation and clustering.

Strategic forecasting

Plan for the next year using the previous year’s numbers, deep dive into your previous sales, pricing and costs, and predict what’s likely to happen next.

Balanced scorecard

Manage your fast-growing business and its expenditures to achieve the right balance for business stability, sustenance, and growth.

Workforce distribution

Identify team skills, strengths, experience to plan better for upcoming business opportunities across business units.

Attrition analysis

Analyse employee satisfaction across regions, departments and designations to understand and improve internal processes and reduce attrition. Identify attrition patterns across geographies and customer categories along with trends and reasons / sentiment of the employee.

Recruitment performance

Analyse recruitment pipeline and performance across business unitsand departments to understand fulfilment and conversion rate along with hiring trends.

Revenue opportunities

Increase revenue opportunities through better bundling strategies based on competitive data from customers and product demand from the market, for better promotion and pricing.

Financial analytics

Enables you to streamline and integrate financial planning and budgeting processes, improve visibility and predictability of costs vs profitability and business outcomes.

Forecast customer needs

Accurately forecast customer needs and behaviours, such as buying patterns and trends.

Profitability management

Analyse net and gross revenue, margins, fixed and variable cost, profit%, cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR), EBITDA, economic value added and cost of goods sold. Price optimisation, promotion, and markdown analysis will ensure that targeted schemes yield increased conversion rates, with improved customer perception of value and reduced cost of sale.

Audit management

Gain more from internal audits with closer alignment to the business by providing traceability and text mining capability.

Capacity planning

Order booking ($, #), capacity utilisation (%), systems up time (%), fixed, marginal, and variable production cost ($ and %), inventory days and turns ($, %), inventory valuation.

Network performance

Analyse network usage, data flow, and traffic trends to efficiently forecast and plan infrastructure investment.

Procurement savings

Balance input costs with production outputs. Purchase price/unit ($), reject rate (%), supplier timeliness, discount, and performance rating ($ and %), actual and quoted lead days (#), contract quality/quantity, purchase order units and costs (# and $) and credit rating (#).

Risk and compliance

Reduce risks by applying analytics that allows you to anticipate and initiate risk control measures to minimise losses.

Price forecasting

Manage capacity utilisation, systems up time, fixed, marginal, and variable production cost, inventory days and turns.

Marketing analytics

Understand and predict your customers better and drive your marketing efforts forward with a complete view of the customer across products and distribution channels.

Claims patterns

Reduce loss ratios and lower adjustment expenses by applying analytics across the claims process.

Costs and expenditures

Track and monitor organisation costs and expenses across business units, regions and other initiatives.

Spend analytics

Pin-point inefficient spending practices and enable better price negotiation capabilities that take advantage of volume discounts. Enables you to model, optimise, forecast, budget, execute and manage customer promotions driven by the retail channel and measure the product and customer performance.

Manufacturing analytics

It helps improve product quality and yield, reduces product test cycle time and improves product rollout cycles by managing stock levels and logistics.

Production cost analysis

It enables you to integrate financial planning and budgeting processes, improves visibility of costs vs profitability and business outcomes.

Viewer analytics

Gain deeper insights for pay-per-view (PPV) ad placements to maximise ROI from ad spend. Attribution modelling for channel specific ad-budget optimisation based on click stream data. Analyse the data generated by set-top boxes (STBS).

Digital marketing

Create the best offers for targeted / relationship marketing. Analyse customer preferences, lifetime value, return, brand loyalty to improve sales forecasting, time-to-market and marketing ROI.

Predictive asset maintenance

This solution enables smoother operations by reducing the risk of medical device failure and ensuring that the medical devices run at optimal performance

Decision support

Clinical decision support solution is designed to improve clinical decision making by offering a powerful data analytics engine that gives doctors, statistical counsel in advising patients.

Product analytics

Real time analytics to capture, process and present transactional data and combine it with other applications and data sources for advance visualisations, data exploration.

Staffing analytics

Analyse people and performance trends to better predict resource needs. Identify and quantify factors that influence employee job satisfaction.

People risk management

Identify and quantify tangible and intangible risks to employees in specific positions.

Operational costs analytics

It enables store operations team to optimise labour scheduling, reduce shrinkage, rationalise assortment, enhance customer in-store experience and optimise store inventory management.

Portfolio management

Enables you to streamline and integrate financial planning and budgeting processes, improve visibility and predictability of costs vs profitability and business outcomes.

Site performance

Enables you to model, optimise, forecast, budget, execute and manage customer promotions driven by the retail channel and measure the product and customer performance.

Operational excellence

Monitor tower / network cells performance classification of good and bad performing sites spread across regions over different time periods.

Customer satisfaction

Analyse customer satisfaction across categories over time in comparison with the investments made to derive ROI and plan specific roadmap.

Control and compliance

Maintain compliance and effective business processes while reducing risk in areas such as environment, green technology, industry standards, international trade compliance.

Product quality

Gain greater visibility into product quality and relevance through customer service, product reviews, and sales data through business apps and various external consumer forums.

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