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Predictive and preventive maintenance

Enables you to collect data from remote equipment’s installed at location/s, define models to predict future failures in equipment’s, detect patterns and factors affecting equipment performance to do predictive and preventive maintenance


Enables proactive, near real time asset management and monitoring capability. What differentiates it is any relevant enterprise application data can be combined with asset usage information for additional insights.

Service quality assurance

Enables you to analyse telecom network quality of service KPI’s based on the data received and processed from telecom tower probes. It also provides the combined view of other data drivers like OOKLA speed test and CDR to take a decision on network planning and optimisation to provide better quality of the service

Social media analytics

Predict your customer’s future buying behaviours and leverage on the opportunities to enhance the customer experience.

Investment analytics

Achieve clarity on investments made along with their ongoing ROI with comparison across business objectives and plans.

Revenue opportunities

Increase revenue opportunities through better bundling strategies based on competitive data from customers and product demand from the market, for better promotion and pricing.

Forecast customer needs

Accurately forecast customer needs and behaviours, such as buying patterns and trends.

Strategy and operations

Move programs to market faster. Significantly reduce marketing and campaign costs. Track performance throughout the customer journey.

Service delivery optimisation

Monitor and manage the performance of support staff to gauge their effectiveness and optimise service-delivery levels.

Financial planning

Optimise forecast visibility to maximise revenue and reduce costs. Improve financial decisions by seeing what’s related and what’s not.

Fraud analytics

Unsupervised or non-rules-based analyses driven by analytics technology uncover new patterns, trends, fraudulent schemes, and scenarios. Calculate statistical parameters and look for outliers or values that exceed averages or are outside of standard deviations.

Operational analytics

Expense analysis, inventory analysis, process reliability analysis, product/service management, logistics analysis, demand forecasting, vendor evaluation, process KPI analysis, call centre analytics.

Procurement management

Balance input costs with production outputs. Purchase price/unit ($), reject rate (%), supplier timeliness, discount, and performance rating ($ and %), actual and quoted lead days (#), contract quality/quantity, purchase order units and costs (# and $) and credit rating (#).

Spend analytics

Pin-point inefficient spending practices and enable better price negotiation capabilities that take advantage of volume discounts. Enables you to model, optimise, forecast, budget, execute and manage customer promotions driven by the retail channel and measure the product and customer performance.

Staffing analytics

Analyse people and performance trends to better predict resource needs. Identify and quantify factors that influence employee job satisfaction.

Quality analysis

Analyse manufacturing defect rates and determine the source of problems.

Operational excellence

Monitor tower / network cells performance classification of good and bad performing sites spread across regions over different time periods.

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