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Make Sense

Predictive and preventive maintenance

Enables you to collect data from remote equipment’s installed at location/s, define models to predict future failures in equipment, detect patterns and factors affecting equipment performance to conduct predictive and preventive maintenance.

Control and compliance

Maintain compliance and effective business processes while reducing risk in areas such as environment, green technology, industry standards, international trade compliance.


Enables proactive, near real time asset management and monitoring capability. The differentiating factor is any relevant enterprise application data can be combined with asset usage information for additional insights.

Rubiscape radio tool

Radio tool which provides network-related data like location, signal strength, network towers, download speeds, buffering speed, a movement for your network provider.

Capacity planning

Order booking ($, #), capacity utilisation (%), systems up time (%), fixed, marginal, and variable production cost ($ and %), inventory days and turns ($, %), inventory valuation.

Operational analytics

Expense analysis, inventory analysis, process reliability analysis, product/ service management, logistics analysis, demand forecasting, vendor evaluation, process kpi analysis, call centre analytics.

Manufacturing analytics

It helps improve product quality and yield, reduces product test cycle time and improves product rollout cycles by managing stock levels and logistics.

Production cost analysis

It enables you to integrate financial planning and budgeting processes, improves visibility of costs vs profitability and business outcomes.

Viewer analytics

Gain deeper insights for pay-per-view (PPV) ad placements to maximise ROI from ad spend. Attribution modelling for channel specific ad-budget optimisation based on click stream data. Analyse the data generated by set-top boxes (STBS).

Predictive asset maintenance

This solution enables smoother operations by reducing the risk of medical device failure and ensuring that the medical devices run at optimal performance

Service analytics and delivery optimisation

Monitor and track after-sales and service-related processes to generate insights into spare parts supply management, proactive predictive maintenances and the discovery of new service revenue opportunities.

Site performance

Enables you to model, optimise, forecast, budget, execute and manage customer promotions driven by the retail channel and measure the product and customer performance

Operational excellence

Monitor tower/network cells performance classification of good and bad performing sites spread across regions over different time periods.

Quality of service

Effectively monitor and troubleshoot the devices connected to a network. Identify the trends between device type, version.

Network performance

Analyse network usage, data flow, and traffic trends to efficiently forecast and plan infrastructure investment.

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