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Inteliment’s Opensource Centre of Excellence (OS CoE) focuses on many open source technologies in different areas – platforms, databases, development environments, application servers, testing and reporting tools. The COE strives to standardize the execution and implementation of open source software/products. It is the source of documentation, guidance, shared best practices and metrics for our project teams, developing and maintaining solutions for our customers and partners.

Opensource Practice Highlights

  • Technology Partnerships with Google, Apple, Intel, Hadoop, Python, R, Django
  • 14+ years proven track record on Opensource, analytics, cloud, coloration platforms
  • Inteliment’s data science & analytics platform integrated open source tools & technologies
  • Recognized as leading big data solution provider by CIO Review magazine
  • 1000+ man-years of data analytics experience
  • 500+ BI, DHW, big data, analytics projects successfully delivered across multiple industries

Opensource centre of excellence

Our team strives to standardize the implementation of Opensource software to provide the most efficient and reliable solutions possible.

  • Cost Advantage – By making use of open source technologies, we pass on the cost advantage to our clients
  • Better Control – Opensource technologies allow our clients to modify the code and have better control of the software developed
  • Lower Maintenance – The opensource tools we utilize are license-free and the cost of scaling up is minimal, as it does not require additional licenses
  • Security & Quality – We make sure that we utilize opensource technologies that are highly secure
  • Develop reusable components that can be used across projects and Increase overall user adoption
  • Promote cross-platform flexibility
  • Create a maintainable knowledge base amongst the teams
opensource-Centre of excellence

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