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Rubiscape is a revolutionary platform that makes open source, algorithms, computation and business people work harmoniously. Rubiscape extensions (connect to any data) and Rubiscape apps (industry specific) provide un-matched value. At the core of the Rubiscape backbone is a very powerful data science workbench; design and analysis studio; natural language processors; library of statistical and machine learning functions; and the ability to create, test and maintain basic and advanced analysis and models.

The visualisation and dashboarding feature helps business users examine patterns, bring out hidden insight, and thereby accelerate and improvise strategic decisions.

Rubiscape Practice Highlights

  • Rubiscape premium partner
  • Built and released Rubiscape apps in ML, AI, BOTs for financial, automotive and telecom customers
  • Inteliment’s data science and analytics platform integrated with Rubiscape platform
  • 1000+ man-years of data analytics experience
  • 500+ BI, DWH, big data, analytics projects successfully delivered across multiple industries

Rubiscape Centre of Excellence

The Inteliment team of data scientists, solution designers, statisticians, software experts work in perfect harmony to simplify data science with the Rubiscape platform. The product incubation for Rubiscape was provided by Inteli-Labs.

Rubiscape Extensions

Leveraging on the Rubiscape agile dimension methodology and EDGE connectors, Inteliment has developed big data connectors, API kits for social and cloud platforms, sensor gateways and mobile apps. The Rubiscape Data Factory provides a host of cloud-based services to manage large volumes of data, complex processing, in-memory storage and security.


Rubiscape Apps

Using Rubiscape Dimension Methodology, Inteliment has developed apps and accelerators for:

  • Churn analysis
  • Social network analysis
  • Recommendation engines
  • Location-based tracking
  • Weather text mining and data discovery
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Pricing analysis
  • Fraud detection
  • Risk identification
  • Demand forecasting
  • Predictive intelligence

Successful data innovation

Using the Rubiscape platform, we provide cloud scalability, managed services, accelerators and frameworks to make your data innovation successful.


Data science

Leveraging on Rubiscape, Inteliment helps you apply the right models to the right data and enables you to easily identify the patterns in large volumes of data to predict and achieve desired business outcomes.


Visual analytics

Rubiscape provides a library of rich visualisations and powerful interactions, designed for superior user experience, by integrating complex datasets across a wide variety of business and analytical areas.


Text analytics

Rubiscape provides a pre-built set of linguistic, statistical, NLP and machine learning techniques to model and structure textual data for analysis, visualisation and collaboration.


Predictive analytics

With Predictive Analytics, you can create, deploy, and maintain your predictive models easily and instantly. predictive models help you anticipate emerging trends, take pre-emptive action to minimise risk, and make better decisions.


Internet of things platform makes it possible to develop, deploy, and manage IoT and M2M applications. Automate processes, store and manage sensor data, connect and control your devices, and analyse your data.


Artificial intelligence enables devices/machines to be smart by helping them make their own decisions based on data analysed and predicted. Preventive actions are also prescribed by