Our customer, one of India’s leading automotive companies, was looking at innovating for growth.
Inteliment used the power of Analytics, applying it to their business strategy and models, to realise the promise of future growth.

Our customer, one of India’s Top 3 Retail companies with over 500 stores across India, required a more connected, convenient, innovative shopper experiences to not only meet customer demands, but earn their loyalty.

Our customer, one of the top airline companies, with a network of routes to major cities in a couple of continents required effective pricing and planning of routes to meet their goal of doubling revenue from long-haul flights between major Asian and Australian countries.

Our customer, a leading Utilities company serving millions of people with its generation, distribution, wholesale, trading and retail activities, had data coming in from multiple sources

Our customer, a major pharmaceutical company operating in multiple countries approached us with the challenge of increasing sales by optimising promotion.

Our customer, an energy company serving 2 million+ customers in Europe needed to make data more accessible to employees to improve decision making in grid operations.

Our customer, a medium-size online retailer of vitamins and supplements with an active database of 120,000 customers needed an analytics solution to better understand its customers

The customer, one of the leading private sector banks in India, required risk analytics techniques to make it possible for them to measure, quantify, and even predict risk with more certainty than ever before.

Our customer, a Fortune 10 client in Software segment having a presence in multiple countries needed Inteliment to ideate, build, integrate and operate ‘analytics layers’

The customer, a leading media and entertainment company having a presence across different digital platforms in multiple countries approached us seeking solutions for aggressively monitoring customer behaviour