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Europe Big Data market controls second largest market share at 20% in terms of revenue in Global Big Data market. It is expected to become third largest in terms of it’s market position in 2020. Germany, United Kingdom, France and Italy are key countries in Europe Big Data market.

Scandinavia has been dominating the list of most connected countries in the world lately, with Sweden in third place, followed by Iceland in fourth, Norway sixth and Finland eighth.

For a European leader, Inteliment provided ‘Manufacturing Excellence Scorecard’ running at 150+ plants, that helped to improve production yield, quality, and asset utilization. Inteliment delivered statistical models to accurately predict the production demand & throughputs, price variations, and supply chain bottlenecks enabling the client to achieve significant cost savings.

“Inteliment Team created an Excellence Scorecard for our Management Teams which was well appreciated. It helped us in bettering utilization of resources, demand-supply chain and other important KPIs.” – Director, Business Excellence of a Large European Engineering Group