Customer delight with data

Make Sense

The world has shifted from creators to consumers and companies are racing to innovate on how to differentiate themselves and engage with customers on a real time basis. At board rooms, quarterly results are increasingly measured on customer engagement scores, making it even more crucial as to how you identify, acquire, engage and retain profitable customers. Digital disruptors are changing business models while discovering new markets and customer segments. Inteliment’s solutions provide you with an edge right from market study to customer success.

Impact areas


Digital experience

Bridge the gap between analytics and the business. Choose the best action for each interaction. Understand the motives behind customer behaviour.


Forecast demand

Accurately forecast customer needs and behaviours, such as buying patterns and trends.


Service retention

Monitor and improve service performance and effectiveness to optimize service-delivery levels and improve retention levels.


Time to market

Move programs to market faster. Significantly reduce marketing and campaign costs. Track performance throughout the customer journey.

Case Studies

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Customer Engagement Program

One of Australia’s largest telecommunications companies offering a variety of communication services approached us to...

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Viewer Analytics

One of India’s leading media conglomerate owning and operating multiple independent brands under its portfolio,...

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Customer Analytics in Insurance

One of the leading Insurance companies based in India, was seeking analytics that would aggregate​ all of their...