Disrupt or get disrupted!

Make Sense

Digital technologies have drastically changed the way businesses operate. Businesses are increasingly trying to provide a superior and seamless digital experience to their now empowered customers and improve their bottom line. Companies are struggling to innovate, disrupt business as usual and grow with these new business models due to a fragmented technology landscape, constant product evolution and changing consumer preferences, while managing risk and operational efficiency. 

Impact areas


Customer experience

With a differentiated product or service creation, delivering real time through digital channels and providing the experience that customers love will lead to longer customer life-cycles.


Contextual engagement

Supplement speech and text analytics with feedback for Voice of Customer (VoC) which is particularly useful for transactional and relationship satisfaction, loyalty drivers and product/service/channel feedback.


Evidence-based decision support

Analysing customer patterns of behaviour, real-time decisioning can reveal why the customer contacts you, how they feel about your service and what impact the experience has had on their loyalty.


Dynamic pricing

Price optimisation, promotion and markdown analysis will ensure that targeted schemes for customers yield increased conversion rates, with improved customer perception of value and reduced cost of sale.

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