Data on demand, metrics that matter

Make Sense

The marketing function in organisations has undergone a sea change in terms of how they function. Mobile has been a big trend in marketing for years while AI and IOT are more recent. Personalised data driven marketing is seen as crucial to success. Inteliment understands the strategic role of marketing in an organisation’s growth and has identified key analytics to track and monitor the data points being integrated from various marketing channels, tracking key metrics.

Impact areas


Customer experience

Identify customers’ buying patterns, lifestyle and preferences. Understand social associations and how they influence purchase behaviour and loyalty, and use what you learn to form a single, robust view of each customer.


Digital marketing

Sales Force Effectiveness, Marketing ROI, Campaign Analytics, Customer Behaviour Analysis, Transaction Analysis.


Social listening

Social media analytics: Make use of social media to read the customer’s mind and provide marketing campaigns based on findings. Predict your customer’s future buying behaviours and leverage on the opportunities to enhance the customer experience.


Market research

Better customer segmentation, profitability analysis, survey analysis, brand perception analysis, product segmentation and clustering.

Case Studies

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