Unleashing Innovation in Operational Excellence

Make Sense

Operations are the heart of every businesses and the foundation to any transformation initiative. The essential decisions driving internal efficiencies determine success. Making the right decision requires being properly informed, and that means having deep insight into the entire value chain. Today’s dynamic environment requires a systematic approach to managing your operations. By using predictive analytics throughout your decision-making lifecycle, you can continuously refine the decisions you make and the strategies that you use as an organisation to make decisions that are based on insight.


Impact areas


Efficient warranty claims

Identify claims most likely to be fraudulent and expedite the settlement of legitimate claims, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing third-party collection fees.


Demand forecasting

Gain actionable insights into the changing demands, preferences and behaviours of consumers, predict future demand, optimise rates and pricing programs, better plan for purchases, foresee the availability of excess resources.


Improve the quality of services

Identify the relationships between product and process data, and their effects on quality with an integrated view of the data.


Predictive maintenance

Predict possible downtimes and reduce costs associated with it resulting out of unscheduled maintenance which lead to unfulfilled orders and lost profitability.

Case Studies

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Process Monitoring and Control

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Production Excellence

One of our customers who is among the top companies manufacturing shock absorbers, wanted the information stored in...

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Data Mining Efficiency

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