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Energy companies have access to information coming from smart metres, sensors, cloud computing technologies as well as traditional sources of data. They have now started leveraging data analytics to mine this staggering amount of data for actionable insights. Several companies have already started seeing success in -




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We have worked with with several leading Energy companies, bringing our Data Innovation partnership model that combines our business and technology solutions, partner eco-system, decade long proven track record of customer success and execution capability to deliver assured business value.

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“We are extracting even more out of our data now that we can simply click and drill down on the reports to gain insights into the underlying factors.”
Sr. Manager, Insights
One of the top European Energy Companies
"We are extracting even more out of our data now that we can simply click and drill down on the reports to gain insights into the underlying factors."
Sr. Manager, Insights
One of the Top European Energy Companies

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Get more out of assets

Get More Out of Assets

Harness machine-to-machine sensor data to predict unplanned outages before they occur. Achieve cost-control by optimising planned maintenance cycles and increasing asset availability.

Financial planning

Financial Planning

Optimise forecast visibility to maximise revenue and reduce costs. Improve financial decisions by seeing what’s related and what’s not.

Fraud and loss prevention

Fraud and Loss Prevention

Real-time information about load can help detect system energy losses through fraud or theft, helping realise significant financial benefits.

Load forecasts

Load Forecasts

Accurate and real-time energy demand forecasting is critical for timely and economical demand and supply management. Utilities need to leverage data on consumption, weather.

Balance consumption and capacity

Balance Consumption and Capacity

Predict peaks and valleys in energy consumption patterns to better plan for demand spikes, while not creating excessive idle capacity at other times.

Anticipate OEE

Anticipate OEE

Analyse data from equipment in the field and plant to anticipate failures and proactively schedule maintenance activities.

Maintain customer loyalty

Maintain Customer Loyalty

Improve customer experience with proactive outreach on useful programs and insights, to increase engagement and loyalty.

Optimise generation and distribution

Optimise Generation and Distribution

Leverage growing volumes of data on energy sources and generation and distribution processes to increase success rates and efficiency.

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