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Given that manufacturing involves complex production activities, by leveraging the power of structured and unstructured data, adoption of connected systems, and implementation of sensors in various manufacturing processes, manufacturers can improve their production accuracy and quality of products. With the help of the huge volumes of data that these systems generate, the manufacturing sector is using machine learning techniques and big data analytics to develop predictive statistical models that can help them make - 


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We have worked with several leading manufacturing companies, bringing our Data Innovation partnership model that combines our business and technology solutions, partner eco-system, decade long proven track record of customer success and execution capability to deliver assured business value.

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“Inteliment Team created an Excellence Scorecard for our Management Teams which was well appreciated. It helped us in bettering utilisation of resources, demand-supply chain and other important KPIs.”
Director, Business Excellence
A large engineering Group
“We use SAP, Ariba and in-house applications. The data was voluminous and complex, resulting in monthly MIS by weeks. We were delighted with Inteliment’s Navigator Analytics that was implemented with a shorter cycle but provided real good insights and reduced our business review time & effort by 75%”.
Engineering Company

Our manufacturing solutions make sense

Customer analytics

Customer Analytics

Build a 360-degree view of the customer and leverage consumer sentiments and usage patterns to develop better products, cross-sell, reduce customer churn.

Manufacturing excellence

Manufacturing Excellence

Improve product quality and yield, reduce product test cycle time and improve product rollout cycles by managing stock levels and logistics.

Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting

Gain insight into the demand for products to allocate production resources in the most cost- and profit-efficient way. Ramp resources up and down and retool at optimal times.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Enables you to analyse customer preferences, lifetime value, return, brand loyalty to help make intelligent decisions and improve sales forecasting, time-to-market and marketing ROI.

After-sales service

After-Sales Service

Helps you monitor and track after-sales and service-related processes to generate insights into supply chain and discover new service revenue opportunities.

Manage production risks

Manage Production Risks

Identify potential risks to production from vendor problems to weather to macroeconomic issues. Score supplier quality and accuracy and detect issues that need your immediate attention.

Spend analytics

Spend Analytics

Pinpoint inefficient spending practices and improve negotiated pricing, that take advantage of volume discounts.

Supply chain optimisation

Supply Chain Optimisation

Deploy sophisticated algorithms and data models to analyse production time/maintenance cost, analyse supply chain efficiency and logistics for better cost controls and profitability.

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CFO Analytics

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