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Analytics allows retail companies to better understand their customers, products and buyer behaviour. Analytics empowers retailers with discovery, interpretation, and communication of patterns in data for critical decision-making. Big retail brands are using predictive analytics to predict exactly what customers want even before they ask for it. Companies gather information about their customers, such as where they live, what they have purchased, what websites they visit, and if they have interacted with their brand on social media. This data is properly mined to - 



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We have worked with several leading retail companies, bringing our Data Innovation partnership model that combines our business and technology solutions, partner eco-system, decade long proven track record of customer success and execution capability to deliver assured business value.

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“Our Digital Marketing programme was focussed towards increasing footfalls online and some other allied KPIs. Internal Analytics teams were joined by Inteliment teams and together we achieved our goals.”
Director, Digital Analytics
One of the Top 3 Retail Companies of India
“We went from having no analytic capabilities to building models within four weeks of implementation. This has had a direct impact on our entire business.”
Head of Ecommerce
Medium Sized Online Retailer

Our retail solutions make sense

Supply chain analytics

Supply Chain Analytics

Enable merchants and supply chain stakeholders to improve the supply chain visibility and efficiency with insight-driven demand forecasting, inventory turns, SKU velocity analysis and shipping strategies.

Operational analytics

Operational Analytics

Enable store operations optimise labour scheduling, reduce shrinkage, rationalise assortment, enhance customer in-store experience and optimise store inventory management.

Customer analytics

Customer Analytics

Single view of customers across channels and businesses. Insights into customer behaviour and enriched overall customer experience with Business Rules and Recommendation Engine, Loyalty Analytics, Response and Churn Analytics.

Profitability analytics

Profitability Analytics

Determine profitable products, customers and services and allocate costs accordingly to improve profitability.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Create the best offers for targeted / relationship marketing. Analyse customer preferences, lifetime value, return, brand loyalty to improve sales forecasting, time-to-market and marketing ROI.

Pricing optimisation

Pricing Optimisation

Optimise buy plan, assortments, allocations, pre-packs, track new product performance, optimise markdowns and promotions, improve price realisation, competitive pricing.

Personalise recommendations

Personalise Recommendations

Understand customer preferences and what they’re likely to buy. Personalise interactions with both repeat customers and prospects to increase conversion rates.

Social listening

Social Listening

With our Text Analytics, you can listen to the customer voice, increase the degree of customer engagement, widen brand presence and improve customer experience.

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