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Big data driven telecom analytics market has reached new heights and many telecom companies have benefitted from this. Telecom companies are leveraging the data gathered from their large customer base, mobile data, and devices to -


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We have worked with several leading telecom companies, bringing our Data Innovation partnership model that combines our business and technology solutions, partner eco-system, decade long proven track record of customer success and execution capability to deliver assured business value.

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“Using high-performance analytics, we can break down our data to get an accurate view of the market – and we can do it in minutes thanks to Inteliment.”
Head of Analytics
A Major Telecom Company
“Inteliment helped us with an integrated view of relevant data to help us improve our data centre and SLA scores to our global customers as well as users.”
Head of Networks
Asia's one of the largest Telecom Company
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Our telecom solutions make sense

Revenue reporting

Revenue Reporting

Get a detailed view of revenue, segmented by customers/products/channels to reduce churn and fraud, improve risk management, decrease operational cost.

Device insights

Device Insights

Gain critical insights into how the devices are being used across the network for accurate customer segmentation and data-driven service innovation.

Customer management

Customer Management

Leverage data for better customer segmentation, customer sentiments, churn and AARPU, delinquency scorecards, customer lifetime value, customer experience, credit scoring, behaviour modelling.

Quality of Service

Quality of Service

Identify the trends between device type, version, software (IMEI) and service failures and/or poor QoS. This results in a reduction in churn and an increase in customer satisfaction and ARPU levels.

Call centre analytics

Call Centre Analytics

Get insights into the effectiveness and efficiency of contact centre, know the customer experience and satisfaction scores, sales performance, service delivery and costs.

Faster time-to-market

Faster Time-To-Market

Analyse network usage, data flow, and traffic trends to efficiently forecast and plan infrastructure investments, monitor network deployments and track key performance indicators through traffic volume analytics.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Leverage the network data collected from network elements in near real-time to customise offers that meet the consumer needs and enhance the rate of conversion, reduce churn rate, increase revenue.

Text analytics

Text Analytics

With our Text Analytics, you can listen to the customer voice, increase the degree of customer engagement, improve brand presence and improve the overall customer experience.

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