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Inteliment touches and empowers many lives, thoughts and decisions with its innovative solutions to enterprises and people. Innovation is at the core of our strategy and business, and we have committed dedicated resources, focus, time, and energies to foster innovation within Inteliment. Our Innovation Centre, Inteli-Labs is a result of this.

Inteli-Labs gets together the sharpest minds and distinguished professionals from diverse backgrounds in technology, data science, academia, research, and industry expertise to work on forward-thinking concepts and technologies. The aim of this team is to create an ecosystem where innovation is nurtured.

Inteli-Labs has till date, worked on dozens of ideas. Inteliment’s solution accelerator, Navigator Analytics, was born through Inteli-Labs. Another such innovation, a data science platform called Rubiscape, was also launched through the efforts of Inteli-Labs.

At Inteli-labs 

  • We work on cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, Robotic Process Automation, AR, VR, etc.
  • We participate in various industry events and hackathons as industry experts, judges, and guides
  • We work with academia to get the young minds interested in the latest tools and technologies and actively participate in new innovative ideas
  • We focus on rapid prototyping and idea validations
  • We focus on identifying and working on high-impact, strategic opportunities


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Inteli-labs and You


Statistical research

Utilise advanced mathematical techniques to address your business problems.


Machine learning

Build, deploy, and share predictive analytics output without modifying the existing code base.


Predictive analytics

Analyse large amounts of data to get the insights you need about what will happen next.


Emerging technology

Evaluate which cutting-edge technology can best solve your business problems.


Neural networks

Leverage the growing set of deep learning, and cognitive APIs to solve highly advanced cognitive problems.


Natural language and chat bots

Use natural language recognition to create chat bots that integrate with popular collaboration software.



You select candidate ideas for further analysis and discussion. We flesh out features and technology to build a prototype.


We partner with you in your pilot phases to help you decide and then in implementing the prototype in production.

Full scale

We refine the prototype based on user feedback and support you in the ‘go live’ process and scale the implementation.