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Role of Business Analytics in Digital Banking

In the modern age of technology and data, the evolution of the banking sector has been...

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How Advanced Analytics Drives Agility in the Chemical Industry

With nearly 20 million employees and annual sales of about USD 5 trillion, the global chemical...

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GDPR and Its Impact on Big Data and Analytics

Since the commencement of GDPR, companies across the world – and not just the EU – have been...

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The Difference between Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Business Intelligence enhances the ability of companies to make meaningful use of the data...

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Data is Where You Look for it - The Power of Text Mining and Analytics

As technology advances, organisations are driving all their energies into leveraging the most...

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Customer Analytics – Keep Customers at The Centre of Digital Transformation

Westpac Banking Corp., a leading Australian Bank, has very effectively used technology to build...

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Analytics the CFO Would Care About

The Finance department of any company, due to its inherent nature, is synonymous with hard data....

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Analytics On the Road - How Data Is Changing Driving as We Know It

Technologies such as Big Data, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, IoT have made the shift from...

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How Analytics is Changing the Game for Media and Broadcasting

In the world of DVR’s, advanced set-top boxes, and the easy availability of on-demand content on...

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