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GDPR and Its Impact on Big Data and Analytics

Since the commencement of GDPR, companies across the world – and not just the EU – have been...

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Data Privacy and Security in Big Data Era – A Guide for Enterprises

Initially this year, the media was awash with stories of a data compromise which involved...

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Big Data Vs Small Data – Where Does the Gold Lie?

Data is the new oil of the 21st century. As an increasing number of organisations realise the...

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Big Data Meets Ad Tech - It's a Perfect Combination

Big Data is the new oil. It has fundamentally transformed numerous industries. Advertising...

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Big Data in Disaster Management

You have heard of how big data plays a significant role in businesses. But do you know, big data...

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A Story of Synergy – Big Data and the Internet of Things

Dresner Advisory Services’ “2016 The Internet of Things and Business Intelligence Market Study”...

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15 Big Data, Analytics, and IoT Stats that will surprise you

Big Data, analytics, IoT are no more just the buzzwords ringing in the corporate world. These...

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Big Data in Financial Services Compliance and Risk Management

Recently, we witnessed how some of the biggest financial services companies in Australia such as...

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Top Big Data and Analytics Use Cases in the Insurance Industry

For insurance companies that generate huge amounts of data on a daily basis, big data is...

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Ways in Which Big Data and Analytics Can Help Utilities

Data collection, processing, and analytics are not new to the utility industry.

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