Product Development

Innovation meets realization!

Software defines the interactions you have with your customers. Whether you’re a tech company or an enterprise, a start-up or a Fortune 100, leverage our product engineering pedigree and next-gen tech expertise to innovate the solutions that keep you competitive.

Product Development: Concept to Completion

Transforming an idea into reality requires knowledge, expertise and commitment. We share your vision to give you a comprehensive product.

Ideation - Sketch to Scale
Ideation - Sketch to Scale

• Idea conceptualization
• Problem Definition
• Product Features

Rapid<br />

• Technology Readiness
• Built and Pilot Run
• Product Roadmap

Design<br />

• UI & UX Best Practises
• Customer Experience
• Scalability Plan

DevOps<br />
Life Cycle
Life Cycle

• Architecture and Design
• Minimum Viable Product
• Testing & Go-to-market

We work across open-source and proprietary technologies to develop customized applications or enhance existing ones on web, desktop and mobile platforms. Our ODP offerings enables you to infuse fresh ideas, expert skills and technology expertise, software project management while reducing cycle times.

Modular Development

Modular approach offers flexibility when you outsource one or more modules of your software product or project to us.

Identify Cost Cutting Measures

Co-development is better suitable when specific engineering roles & skills are required to supplement your team or product plan.

Full Product Development

You have an idea you want to execute but don’t have a team. In such case, we build team, infrastructure and run it for you.

Advantage Inteliment

  • Get software right with competent team as your extended arm
  • Get user experience right with expert UX-UI Design and Development teams
  • Accelerate Success with Proven DevOps Practices, Tools and Services
  • Pick-and-choose right services with flexible pricing models

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