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Whether you’re starting a career in bigdata analytics technology, software engineering, data science, or mobility there’s an opportunity for you at Inteliment.

Our unique position as an analytics technology leader in the industry enables us to offer exceptional opportunities to exceptional young people. Since we focus exclusively on this niche, you gain exposure to the latest technologies in this sector from the very beginning and get an opportunity to work with supportive and talented colleagues, contributing to your growth, both at a personal and professional level.

A challenging work environment

We don’t just “talk” about offering stimulating work: Your real-life job—with plenty of opportunities to take early responsibility—begins the day you’re hired. Whether you’re working on the client-side, the lab, or in the office, every day will be different, bringing on its own interesting challenges.

Hackathons and bootcamps

Hackathons and bootcamps

You will get to be a part of our hackathons. A chance to apply your knowledge and translate your ideas into innovative and high-quality results to solve the real-world problems. Take advantage of our well-planned sessions and accelerate your learning through mentoring from leaders and subject matter experts in our bootcamps.


We are a compact team and therefore you will never get the feeling of being ‘lost’. This visibility helps you look forward to a dynamic career path in a challenging environment. We value your knowledge, passion and desire to learn and help you become a successful global professional.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for Gen-Y, individuals who can bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas and a positive attitude to our growing teams.

team spirit

Team spirit

We treasure the spirit of collaboration and teamwork that helps us achieve our organisational goals.


Passion for excellence

Passion for excellence

Excellence powers growth. We respect hard-working and diligent people who are committed to learning and growing while at work.

innovative thinking

Innovative thinking

We admire fresh talent who can bring innovative and revolutionary ideas and strive to achieve common goals.


Inteliment is always looking for a fresh talent to be infused in the team and turn them into a successful professional in the areas of their aspirations. If you think, you are smart and growth-hungry, we welcome your interest to start your career with us.

Key responsibilities

  • Individual contributor, methodical working and team aligned with team goals
  • Sound subject knowledge, quick learner, pro-active & result oriented
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, presentation & documentation skills
  • Creating knowledge base, open and flexible working and exploring new areas

Required skills and experience

  • Any MBA / PGDBM from recognised institutes
  • Continually looks for opportunities to grow self professionally
  • Ensures positive perception about self and organisation
  • Proactive and high in integrity
  • Walks the extra mile to accomplish assigned task/goal
  • Team player with effective problem-solving skills
  • Functional focus

    > Sales and Business Development
    > Corporate and Product Marketing
    > HR as Business Partner
    > Finance and Accounts
    > Information Technology

If you’ve got it all what are you waiting for?

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