CFO Analytics

Helping CFOs Battle Challenges Better


Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet & FI, Cash flows and borrowings

Our Customer, an Indian Multinational Manufacturing company needed a solution so that they could avoid frequent boardroom conversations about forecasts, profitability, risk management and strategic decisions related to supply chains, pricing, etc. and predict better.

Finance Analytics solutions are at the core of Inteliment’s offerings. Using diagnostic and strategic tools for profit improvement, forecasting and reporting, we developed predictive capabilities, that reduced the risk of the organisation.


Inteliment delivered key financial analytics with a balanced scorecard covering KPIs for Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet & FI, Cash flows and borrowings with focus and budgeting, forecasting and overall financial reporting.

“Inteliment’s analytics solutions are consumed by our CFO office, and the dashboards are exactly the way the CFO wants to view them. You are a good team!”
Senior Manager, Finance
An Indian multinational company

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