Fraud Analytics

Effective Claims Investigation


Expense Analysis, Process Reliability analysis, Product/Service Management, Demand Forecasting, Process KPI Analysis

Our customer, who is among the top 10 insurance companies in India with a strong PAN-India presence wanted to have the efficiency of the claims investigation increased and get more assurance that the right claims are being investigated which is very important for the insurance companies. 

Analytics is the new secret weapon to drive competitive advantage. Inteliment has been working with several leading Insurance companies, to help them attract, manage and retain profitable customers by applying a wide range of advanced analytics.


We helped identify significant insurance fraud cases in the first six months after implementation and investigated 20% more cases. Savings increased by more than 60%.


We are grateful to Inteliment because now our financials are stronger than ever and only rightful claims are being processed now.
Head of Fraud Analytics
One of the Top 10 insurance companies in India

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