Owing to the need to constantly manage risks that are of a varying nature, and operating in externally volatile market conditions, Insurance companies are always on toes to manage risk, customer service and operations efficiency.

Inteliment has been working with several leading Insurance companies, advisory and service providers. We add value to stakeholders in the Insurance domain via our data driven solutions and services that bring together, Descriptive, Diagnostive and Predictive analytics equipped with the ability to handle Structured and Semi-Structured Data

Success Highlight

The solution covered a robust BI framework for Sales Regional and Branch Manager performance analysis, with insights on overall business health, competitor analysis, Top and Bottom regions / Products and Financial KPI monitoring available on mobile devices. Inteliment provided a complete platform life cycle services – assessment and roadmap, tool evaluation, licencing, deployment in a clustered and highly secure environment, design, modelling and development services as well as version upgrade and migration services to scale up the adoption.

Using our Analytics Capability for Insurance, you can achieve :

Marketing Analytics

  • Understand your customers better and drive your marketing efforts forward with a complete view of the customer across products and distribution channels.
  • Predictive insights that maximize the performance of your multichannel distribution strategy.

Cross-sell and Up-sell

  • Uncover new revenue opportunities. Predictive Analytics enables you to forecast expected customer behavior and connect the right offers to the right customers.
  • Rate evasion - Spot rate evasion tactics during the quote process – before you issue a policy.

Customer Segmentation

Create in-depth customer segments based on demographic and behavior patterns data across BUs.

Actuarial Analysis and Ratemaking

Create competitive pricing models using varied statistical techniques to increase rating granularity.

Customer Retention

Predict customer lapse, and create personalized campaigns designed to keep your most valuable customers from attiring.

Claims Analytics

Reduce loss ratios and lower adjustment expenses by applying Analytics across the claims process.

Regulatory Reporting

Lower cost of compliance with intuitive reporting capabilities to easily disseminate risk information to regulators and senior management.

Firm-wide Risk

Reduce the impact of risks by applying advanced analytics that allows you to anticipate risks and initiate risk control measures to minimize losses.
December 6, 2016

Marketing Analytics

Reduce risks by applying analytics that allows you to anticipate and initiate risk control measures to minimize losses
December 6, 2016

Claims Analytics

Analyze customer ageing trends with maturity and claim conversions, understand customer behavior to re-model schemes
December 6, 2016

Profitability Analytics

Manage Capacity utilization, Systems up time, Fixed, marginal, and variable production cost, Inventory days and turns

Sub Verticals

  • Advisory

  • Risk Management