Creating a Social Value

For a business to be successful in the long run, it has to create value not only for its stakeholders but also for the society at large. At Inteliment, we call it as
‘Creating a Social Value’.

Inteliment is committed to its core belief of ‘Creating a Knowledge Society.’

We have always been involved in community contribution initiatives and have developed an approach for our CSR initiatives over a period of time. Since our inception, we worked on several fronts and many societal initiatives.

At Inteliment, we work on the following thrust areas


Focus : We aim to transform lives of people in our community through science and technology education. We firmly believe that education can bring in long term transformation.

Initiatives Impact Partners Quote
Aple Ghar – Scholarships for girls from poor farmer families from rural Maharashtra to help them get education 6 Girls have completed their post graduate studies, now are employed Rashtra Seva Dal, Govt of Maharashtra “when I lost my parents in Killari earthquake, me and my sister were sent to boarding school. I can’t express my gratitude in words to Pansare Sir and Inteliment for supporting our education, so that we can stand on our feet. I am now science graduate and work for a pharma company in Pune.” – Rajshri, a child survivor of Killari earthquake in Maharashtra
School Kits for Kids, taking off financial burden Hundreds of kits provided to economically backward children kids in slum and rural areas Seva Sahayog “We are thankful to team Inteliment for joining hands with us in this project, and supporting it on an ongoing basis” – Project Head, Seva Sahayog
Teach for India – Donated computers and financial aid to an IT training centre run by blind for blind students in Pune 100s of blind students have completed their MSCIT course and have started Data Entry work to become financially independent Snehankit Association & Rotary Club “We are grateful to Inteliment for providing us with donations, computers and equipment’s in setting up this centre. Their people visit us on weekends to help students learn and also participate in our programs.” Rahul Deshmukh, President of Snehankint
Book Ganga – Provide books, digital media to the schools and NGOs Donated 5000+ books to deserving schools’ libraries, digital media provided for increasing IT literacy, vocational training materials Inteliment Volunteers “Our library has become busy and very useful for students as well as our faculties, with information and books on the latest topics.” – Principal of Rural Municipal School


Focus : As a company, we run our business in a way to create and retain a sustainable world. In line with this, our CSR initiatives are also focused towards making this planet a better place to live in.

Initiatives Impact Partners Quote
Green Planet: Everyone to plant at least one tree every year 1000+ trees planted by Inteliment associates making sure they are taken care of. Vanrai, Municipal Corporation, Rotary Club “Its really good to see young IT professionals joining hands with us in our Green Movement to plat hundreds of trees around the hills and Pune city. We liked and adopted their concept of encouraging corporate professionals to plant and name a tree with their loved ones, and visit once a year”- Padma Vibhushan and Former Union Minister, Late Mohan Dharia, Founder of Vanrai
1. Clean Hills
2. Be best to manage waste
1. Inteliment volunteers with NGOs to clean the hills around the city and creates awareness amongst the citizens
2. Segregate and recycle maximum possible waste at workplace, spread awareness and manage a proper recycle & disposal. Treated hard water at office is used for office garden.
Clean Hills,, Inteliment volunteers “Its worthy to see an effort to recycle maximum possible resources by the young people. Awareness and discipline practised by these young IT professionals is heartening. We hope they continue and keep inspiring others” – Director Development Support Team


Focus : We use our technology expertise to develop innovative solutions that enable efficient energy generation and consumption and create renewable supply.

Initiatives Impact Partners Quote
1. Efficient Carbon foot-printing per employee
2. Energy & Earth Day participation and awareness
Usage of green and energy saving technology & methods at work place has made inteliment office and several processes paperless.
Inteliment observes and follows earth day and energy saving guidelines by UN in India as well as its Australia delivery centre
CII, MCCIA “We were impressed to see the initiatives Inteliment has taken up for clean environment and energy saving at a company level. Their ideas are unique and people are involved to make it happen. This makes them an innovative SME, and worthy of Business Excellence accreditation.” – K Prashant EFQM Auditor, CII
Research projects in IoT technology for renewable energy in rural areas undertaken in PPP mode (public private partnership) Inteliment has built a Energy Monitoring and Tracking Model using its Data Science Platform, providing a significant energy saving and better utilisation from Solar Systems PICT, Inteliment, STPI “The Solar Energy Optimiser Model is a unique and very relevant concept, especially for rural India. The way this project is developed, will certainly open an opportunity for academia and government to consider for adoption and wider implementation” – Director STPI

Lend a Hand

Focus : We encourage and involve our people along with their families and friends to join hands for social initiatives. Be it imparting knowledge, blood donations, tree plantations or charitable work.

Initiatives Impact Partners Quote
Natural Calamities – Task forces for responding to natural disasters 1. 6 girls affected in Killari earthquake were adopted for education
2. Inteliment collected voluntary donations from its staff and matched the contribution to send financial aid and equipment during Gujrat, Chennai and Mumbai floods
Sakal Relief Fund “Inteliment is always quick and generous to come forward and support, not only with the financial aid, but also their employees work with our team and volunteers to collect aid from various parts and sections of the state of Maharashtra” – CSR Head Sakal Media
1-day salary to the Armed Forces Relief Fund Past 10+ years, Inteliment has been donating equivalent to 1-day salary funds and aid to the Armed Forces Relief Fund and/or to the Army Rehabilitation Centres Inteliment Volunteers “We were touched by the gesture by young IT engineers, who donated hearing machines and wheel chair to our Javans at the Khadki Military Hospital. They also visit us on Rupblic day, and spend time with us” – Retired and disabled Armed Force Personal
Red cross Australia Inteliment Australia has been supporting the underprivileged and affected with the aid through Red Cross Association Red cross Australia
Woman entrepreneurship Encouraged several young woman entrepreneurs to set-up their micro units and empanelled them as suppliers with the company Food & Catering Technology Institute, Micro Saving Groups “My parents were worried about me due to my physically challenged state. When I met Inteliment founder at the catering institute few years back, he gave me the first order for cakes, since then there is no looking back. I am now a woman entrepreneur and run a small home-based confectionary business.” – Shama Admane, young woman entrepreneur.

Social Excellence Awards

Focus : As a small step towards creating a better tomorrow, Inteliment has institutionalized – ‘Social Excellence Awards’ since 2010 to recognize the commitment of people who have taken up a cause as their core duty as a socially responsible citizen. This has helped Inteliment to build an NGO network and provide them a platform for collaboration and efficient knowledge and resource management.

Initiatives Impact Partners Quote
Working for providing basic and supplementary education to the thousands of students in rural parts of the state of Maharashtra Sheetal Bapat SAF Foundation “Social Excellence Award from Inteliment inspires us to do more the work we are doing for the children education in rural parts of Maharashtra. We value their support to our project”. Sheetal Bapat Educanist and Social Entrepreneur.
“Social Excellence Award from Inteliment inspires us to do more the work we are doing for the children education in rural parts of Maharashtra. We value their support to our project”. Sheetal Bapat Educanist and Social Entrepreneur. Sindhutai Sakpal Bal Niketan Foundation “We have built our foundation from zero level, and its support & encouragement like Inteliment, that has multiplied the helping hands to make the future of these orphan children bright.” – Mamata Sakpal, Director Balnketan
Social innovator and polymath who has been an advisor in governance, informatics and strategic planning. Anupam Saraph “I am happy to see, companies like Inteliment recognise work of activists and evangelists in education and policy advocacy. It helps to reach more and do better” – Anipam Saraph
Bringing corporates, governments, NGOs and citizens together to enable successful and sustainable partnerships Mrs Bedi Development Support Team “We enjoy partnering with Inteliment’s young team, who mobilise their network to help us in our projects” Mrs Bedi, Managing Trustee

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