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93% of shippers and 98% of third-party logistics firms believe that data-driven decision-making is crucial to supply chain activities. 71% of them believe that big data improves quality and performance. (Source)

By choosing warehouses located near the vendor and customer, Amazon has successfully reduced shipping costs from 10% to 40%.

With the explosion of data and devices, big data and analytics has become crucial for the logistics industry. By leveraging diverse data sets from traditional sources, enterprise systems, traffic data, sensors data, weather information from forecast systems, vehicle diagnostics, websites, social media, logistics companies are able to improve their operational efficiencies, optimize resource consumption, better forecast the consumer demands, keep a track of inventory, optimize routes, and enhance the overall customer satisfaction.


Deliver right product at the right place at the right time

Inteliment has been working with several leading Logistics companies, bringing Data Innovation partnership that combine our Business & Technology Solutions, Partner Eco-system, Decade long Proven Track Record of Customer Success and Execution Capability to deliver you an assured Business Value.

Channel optimization

Data on operational constraints, traffic conditions, weather, end user availability and more helps to dynamically revise routes and provide instant driving direction updates to drivers.

Improve risk-based pricing

Make credit scoring and other pricing mechanisms more effective with an accurate understanding of associated risks.

Capacity Planning

Order booking ($, #), Capacity utilization (%), Systems up time (%), Fixed, marginal, and variable production cost ($ and %), Inventory days and turns ($, %), Inventory Valuation


Advancing technology, growth in mobile and cloud computing, big data analytics and increased adoption of GPS, RFID tags, sensors, scanners has given rise to large amounts of data.

Keep assets moving

Predict problems with equipment, from vehicles to machinery to infrastructure, and act ahead of the time to prevent costly shipment delays.

Price & Cost Optimization

Set prices and find just the right balance between volume, capacity utilization and profit – while minimizing overbookings.

Customer Engagement

When a marketing offer is the right next action, extend exactly the one most likely to be accepted – improving conversion rates and purchase volumes.

Data Visibility

Insights on operational efficiency, safety and security, and customer experience for near real-time decision making.

Success Stories

  • "This project on the telecom networks was very demanding on data complexity, scale and speed. We had to handle millions of user’s data in real time. Interestingly every time we faced a challenge, Inteliment team was well prepared and aligned with teams with options for addressing an issue. We worked together as a team to deliver the best possible solution." -  Sr. Manager Strategy & Innovation, Asia’s Largest Telecom Company

  • "Inteliment has delivered to us customer profitability models, helping us increase margins and share of business with strategic enterprises. Inteliment’s strong analytics capabilities and excellent understanding of our business, helped deliver solutions that solve real business problems effectively." - VP Consumer Marketing, A leading Global Bank

  • "Inteliment was an excellent business productivity partner. While our team was brainstorming some futuristic solutions ideas, they helped us build a workable prototype, that helped us build a viable business case and obtain subsequent approvals. Both teams worked together to successfully deliver the promised value of a project within budgets." - Program Director, Fortune 100 Technology Company, Global Leader in Automotive

  • "I was impressed with their desire and commitment to deliver a solution providing value and insight. I also appreciated their ability to educate and share knowledge with our team, allowing us to increase adoption and operationalize the project deliverable beyond the engagement." - VP Technology Transformation, One of the top 5 Life Insurance Companies of India

  • "Inteliment team exceeded our expectations in delivering the solution that was defined as a top priority for our business head. They gained a very thorough understanding of our business in a very short amount of time and were flexible to adopt the changes arising due to internal as well as external challenges faced during the project phases." - BU Head, India’s No 1 Engineering Company

  • "Inteliment’s SMEs did an outstanding job in helping us define the solution architecture for an evolving bigdata landscape considering the unique needs of the industry and advancements in many applications including streaming channels. Their professional approach in managing delivery matched our expectations on speed and quality." - Head of Business Transformation Program, A leading Media Company."

Case Studies

Technology Solutions

Data Science

According to McKinsey Global Institute, widespread adoption of Big Data Analytics could increase GDP of manufacturers and retailers by $325b, by 2020.


Internet of things

For 2020, the installed base of Internet of Things devices is forecast to grow to almost 31 billion worldwide. By 2020, there will be 50 billion+ connected devices


Artificial Intelligence

A recent Gartner survey showed that 59% of organizations are still gathering information to build their AI strategies, while the remainder have already made progress



Global spending on the business intelligence (BI) and analytics software is forecast to reach $22.8 billion by 2020 if it continues the present CAGR of 7.5%


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