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Inteliment is a business innovation company with a strategic focus on cutting edge technologies, providing Visual and Predictive Analytics, Data Science, IoT, Mobility and AI ML solutions. 

These solutions are provided to some of the most forward-thinking Fortune 500 companies, enabling them to derive trusted insights, make faster and better decisions and maximising business impact through their Data. 

Our Global Delivery Models leverage our centres across geographies, in Australia, Europe, India and Singapore that are certified as per global standards.

We build scalable, technology-agnostic, multi-disciplinary solutions in a collaborative partnership ecosystem, by leveraging our IP assets - Tools, Accelerators and Frameworks - for faster implementations and assured results.

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With proven capabilities and experience of over 15 years in the analytics industry, our deep domain knowledge, strong focus on emerging technology trends commitment to fostering innovation, empowers stakeholders across industry verticals, enhancing their competitiveness and making them future-ready.


To be the catalysts of an experience economy, where the pace of learning is greater than the rate of change!


To be a collaborative innovation partner with leading enterprises, by helping people and organisations create new value from diverse data and to simplify techniques that scientists, artists and thinkers deploy, enabling excellence.


Our values underpin our direction of growth, our internal ethos and the way we do business.

At Inteliment we use the Yogic interpretation of the characteristics of the five physical elements, found in the Vedas, a historical Indian text. The elements, Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space are believed to be the basis of all creation including the human body.



Water, characteristic well-being and fluidity

Innovation describes the high value we put on creativity. We foster an environment that encourages collaboration and learning, fluidity in thought and action.

This commitment results in greater customer-centricity allowing us to exceed customer expectations in quality, domain-specificity and affordability.



Fire, characteristic power

Dynamism represents the power of information and understanding we bring to the table.

We seek to constantly evolve with changing needs and business dynamics to effectively meet and surpass our customers’ expectations.



Space, characteristic knowledge and intuition

We strive to attain excellence in our solutions and methods and ensure the highest standards of commitment to our customers and partners.

We are passionate about the work we do, always promoting meritocracy.



Earth, characteristic stability, support

Authenticity defines the high standards of conduct that Inteliment sets for itself in its work. Inteliment acts with authenticity in all that it does by being consistently trustworthy and accountable.

We conduct our business fairly, with openness and transparency. At Inteliment, we walk our talk, maintaining consistency between beliefs and behaviour.



Air, characteristic compassion

We treat all stakeholders with respect and dignity. We seek to learn and listen to each other attentively and compassionately and communicate often and openly.

Our vision and understanding of customer needs enable us to drive thoughts and trends in the business intelligence domain and deliver state-of-the-art solutions. This maximises our clients business performance, strengthening their market presence and expanding their circle of influence.

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