Creating a Social Value

Make Sense

For a business to be successful in the long run, it has to create value not only for its stakeholders but also for the society at large. At Inteliment, we call it as ‘Creating a Social Value’.

Inteliment is committed to its core belief of ‘Creating a Knowledge Society.’

We have always been involved in community contribution initiatives and have developed an approach for our CSR initiatives over a period of time. Since our inception, we worked on several fronts and many societal initiatives.


Focus : We aim to transform lives of people in our community through science and technology education. We firmly believe that education can bring in long term transformation.



Focus : As a company, we run our business in a way to create and retain a sustainable world. In line with this, our CSR initiatives are also focused towards making this planet a better place to live in.



Focus : We use our technology expertise to develop innovative solutions that enable efficient energy generation and consumption and create renewable supply.

04-Lending a hand

Lend a Hand

Focus : We encourage and involve our people along with their families and friends to join hands for social initiatives. Be it imparting knowledge, blood donations, tree plantations or charitable work.


Social Excellence Awards

Focus : As a small step towards creating a better tomorrow, Inteliment has institutionalized – ‘Social Excellence Awards’ since 2010 to recognize the commitment of people who have taken up a cause as their core duty as a socially responsible citizen. This has helped Inteliment to build an NGO network and provide them a platform for collaboration and efficient knowledge and resource management.

05-social excellence awards