Connecting the links with data

Make Sense

News analysis

Enables you to get insights from news without reading it to analyse trends, sentiment, risks, people opinions and visualise news data for relevant entities.


Enables you to automate customer interactions with your applications/ websites. Use text and voice interactions to resolve customer queries, conduct quick operations

Customer experience analytics (VOC)

Analyse the frequency and distribution of contact with a customer, the reasons for the contact and their outcomes, anticipate potential defections and initiate customer retention processes. The solution enables analysis of customer satisfaction based on feedback received (VOC). It provides the NPS score at every touchpoint based on the recommendation inputs, and for additional insights other data drivers can be integrated.

Rubiscape radio tool

Radio tool which provides network-related data like location, signal strength, network towers, download speeds, buffering speed, a movement for your network provider.

Contactless payment

It uses the technology that powers contactless payments through a type of radio frequency identification (called RFID). NFC transactions take place over a specific radio frequency that enables the card or smartphone to communicate with the payment reader when they’re close together.

Social media analytics

Predict your customer’s future buying behaviours and leverage on the opportunities to enhance customer experience. Increased opportunities to gather and analyse input on what people are saying about the products via social media. Identify new feature design and development changes in the product for better alignment with customer demand.

Market research and strategy

Better customer segmentation, profitability analysis, survey analysis, brand perception analysis, product segmentation and clustering.

Know your customers better

Identify customer’s buying patterns, lifestyle and preferences. Understand social associations, influencing factors and loyalty, robust view of each customer.

Marketing analytics

Understand and predict your customers better and drive your marketing efforts forward with a complete view of the customer across products and distribution channels.

Digital marketing

Create the best offers for targeted / relationship marketing. Analyse customer preferences, lifetime value, return, brand loyalty to improve sales forecasting, time-to-market and marketing ROI.

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