Data: for supply chain efficiency

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Supply chains in businesses are getting increasingly complex with faster delivery needs, tighter regulatory compliance requisites and the intricate management of the network of supply chain stakeholders, suppliers, plants, warehousing, distribution and end customer. The ability to react quickly to changing market dynamics is of paramount importance. Inteliment’s Supply Chain Analytics gives you the right insights into your supply chain, reduces operational costs and optimises distribution networks across multiple industries.

Case Studies

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Reducing Claims Leakage

Millions of dollars each year is lost to claims leakage through fraud, error or inadequate controls. A global health...

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Big Data & Analytics

Big brand retailers, need to analyse millions of consumer demand signals to create a supply chain tailored to the...

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Service Assurance Analytics

We’re in the midst of an innovation boom. It isn’t just business leaders who are driving agility in top-performing...