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With the explosion of data and devices, big data and analytics has become crucial for the logistics industry. By leveraging diverse data sets from traditional sources, enterprise systems, traffic data, sensors data, weather information from forecast systems, vehicle diagnostics, websites, social media, logistics companies are able to improve their 


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We have worked with several leading logistics companies, bringing our Data Innovation partnership model that combines our business and technology solutions, partner eco-system, decade long proven track record of customer success and execution capability to deliver assured business value.

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“Inteliment helped us improve our route specific operations and we fare better now on some of the critical routes.”
Head of IT
Major Airline in Asia
“Team Inteliment is forthcoming, proactive and ensures in time action. Kudos to Team Inteliment!”
Supply Chain manager
Indian Manufacturing company

Our logistics solutions make sense

Channel optimisation

Channel Optimisation

Data on operational constraints, traffic conditions, weather, end-user availability and more help to dynamically revise routes and provide instant driving direction updates to drivers.

Improve Risk-Based Pricing

Improve Risk-Based Pricing

Make credit scoring and other pricing mechanisms more effective with an accurate understanding of associated risks.

Capacity planning

Capacity Planning

Order booking ($, #), Capacity utilisation (%), Systems uptime (%), Fixed, marginal, and Variable production cost ($ and %), Inventory days and turns ($, %), Inventory Valuation.



Advancing technology, growth in mobile and cloud computing, big data analytics and increased adoption of GPS, RFID tags, sensors, scanners have given rise to large amounts of data.

Keep assets moving

Keep Assets Moving

Predict problems with equipment, from vehicles to machinery to infrastructure, and act ahead of the time to prevent costly shipment delays.

Price and cost optimisation

Price and Cost Optimisation

Set prices and find just the right balance between volume, capacity utilisation and profit – while minimising overbookings.

Customer engagement

Customer Engagement

When a marketing offer is the right next action, extend exactly the one most likely to be accepted – improving conversion rates and purchase volumes.

Data visibility

Data Visibility

‘Insights on operational efficiency, safety and security, and customer experience for near real-time decision making.

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Process Monitoring and Control

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