Customer Engagement Program

A Deeper Dive into Customer Retention


Subscriber behaviour, Customer Feedback

One of Australia’s largest telecommunications companies offering a variety of communication services approached us to effectively deal with their key challenge - unhappy customers switching between providers, and ensuring customer loyalty in this highly volatile and competitive sector.

Inteliment provides Telecom Analytics Solution & Services that collects, manages, and transforms diverse data to deliver actionable insights for the Telecom industry.


Our solution helped them analyse customer feedback to drive insights on customer behaviour and satisfaction/dissatisfaction areas, customer sentiments and recommends corrective/preventive actions to minimise customer churn.

The telecom company now understands at a granular level what’s going on for each subscriber.

Inteliment has not only helped us understand what we have and where we could go, but it has also made suggestions about how we can build more effective business models and strategies.
Director, Research & Insights
Telecom Giant in Australia

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