CXO Analytics

Orchestrating the workplace from the corner office


Corporate Performance, Profitability, Supply Chain, Projects & People Performance

Our customer, a leading manufacturing company in APAC offering highly engineered products and after sales services required a CEO dashboard.

The CEO’s job is to act as the orchestrator, making connections that individual CXOs aren’t in a position to see, and demanding real business insights— not just more meetings.


While designing the CEO dashboard, we kept focus on how data can talk and tell a story on– ‘What, How and Who’ of each KPI. For this leading manufacturing company with multi-mode manufacturing and complex supply chains, Inteliment provided an integrated view on the CEO Cockpit to monitor Corporate Performance, Profitability, Products, Procurement, Projects and People performance.

We use SAP, Ariba and in-house applications. The data was voluminous and complex, resulting in monthly MIS by weeks. We were delighted with Inteliment’s Navigator Analytics that was implemented with a shorter cycle but provided real good insights and reduced our business review time & effort by 75%.
Engineering Company

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