Our customer, one of the top healthcare companies in Asia with diverse offerings, needed to consolidate budget processes for their group of companies, subsidiaries and products in order to make smarter and faster decisions.

The customer, one of the largest banks in APAC region, needed to be more competitive in talent acquisition, eliminate recruitment overheads, streamline operations, and achieve tremendous cost efficiencies.

Our customer, an energy company serving 2 million+ customers in Europe needed to make data more accessible to employees to improve decision making in grid operations.

The customer, one of the leading private sector banks in India, required risk analytics techniques to make it possible for them to measure, quantify, and even predict risk with more certainty than ever before.

Our customer, who is among the top 10 insurance companies in India with a strong PAN-India presence wanted to have the efficiency of the claims investigation increased and get more assurance

A Fortune 500 bank which offers various financial services to it’s global customers, faced the challenge of analysing large volumes of diverse data for credit risk management, generate and deliver reports more quickly

One of our customers who is among India’s Top 5 private sector banks wanted to improve decision making. Centralising the analysis of bank data is important to find insights

We’re in the midst of an innovation boom. It isn’t just business leaders who are driving agility in top-performing companies. Savvy CTO/CIOs are enabling agility by empowering people and operations with data that makes a difference.

A leading Australian Telecom company that offers 2G, 3G, 4G, fixed-line and Broadband services, faced the challenge of project and portfolio management due to the emergence of digital and disruptive models.

Our Customer, an Indian Multinational Manufacturing company needed a solution so that they could avoid frequent boardroom conversations about forecasts, profitability, risk management and strategic decisions related to supply chains, pricing, etc. and predict better.