I was recently reading an interesting article which mentioned that Google receives close to 3 Million job applications in a year and it hires only 4000 people. In the article, Laszlo Bock, who is the Head of People Operations at Google, shared a few traits which Google looks for while hiring the top 4000. Yes, each company looks for specific traits in its potential employees – the traits, skills, qualities – whatever you call those, are specific to that organisation. Those resonate strongly with the company culture.

The article made me think of Inteliment’s decade long journey and the people who helped us in this journey of building this high-performance organisation. At Inteliment, while I haven’t conducted any formal study to identify the traits of the ace team members, when I look back, I know that they all share common traits. Now we are working on our plans of becoming the global leader in IoT, data science and analytics technology. We are looking for the best minds in the industry to work with us. I thought of taking this opportunity to pen down the key qualities which every Inteliment employee shares –

They are Innovative

Innovation is a strong part of the personality of Inteliment employees. They are persistent, they are willing to change, they have innate abilities to solve the toughest problems, and they have an intrinsic interest in their work. They are curious and diligent. Everyone always tries to constantly keep evolving and adapting to the latest industry trends. Everyone is encouraged to generate, evaluate, and implement better and creative ideas. Everyone is open to embrace and learn the latest technologies in the market. Innovative ideas are rewarded from time to time.

They are Willing to Learn

Change is inevitable in any industry or business but in the field of technology, changes happen relatively quickly. Even a technology which is a ‘hot cake’ can be replaced by better or newer technology. This is the age of a technological revolution where business and dynamics change quite often. Without adapting to newer technologies or methodologies, the organization is at a risk of becoming obsolete and becoming non-competent. At Inteliment, every employee is enthusiastic to ride the wave of change and accept the challenges around it.

Excellence Drives Them

Everyone at Inteliment is passionate about the work we do. Passion is rewarding and keeps us enthusiastic and happy. Everyone is committed to go the extra mile for the betterment of the organisation and providing value to the end customers and partners. We have very high standards for quality. For us, commitment means a lot and we are willing to do anything in support of the commitment. Intelimentians are willing to take extra tasks and go above and beyond their expected roles and responsibilities.

Authenticity is Crucial for Them

Authenticity is one of the most crucial traits of Intelimentians. They are driven by inner passion rather than external triggers. They are not afraid to express their opinions even if those are different than the opinions of the majority. Everyone here recognises that each person is unique and has different values. Everyone is open for feedback. We have an open communication channel and open door policy where everyone can discuss issues, concerns, or have a productive one-on-one discussion with their every other team member.

They all Display Strong Leadership Qualities

Irrespective of the titles and the roles, all the employees at Inteliment possess leadership skills. For us, leadership means proactive problem-solving. It means practicing patience and looking for the interests of the company before one’s own interests. Intelimentians are empowered to take risks, try new possibilities, alternate options thereby fuelling an innovate culture.

Integrity is Important for Everyone

Employees at Inteliment follow the basic principles of integrity like trustworthiness, honesty, and decency. There is a culture of being respectable and professional within the entire organisation.

They are Customer-Centric

Intelimentians have a passion for providing the best service to our customers. They have a positive ‘Can Do’ attitude and are always ready to put in the extra effort in order to resolve customer issues. They are appreciative of the customer responses and learn from the past mistakes. They are gifted with the ability to anticipate customer expectations well in advance. They also ensure that in case of any problems reported the customer the matter is handled on priority thereby making the customer feel more valued, eventually building trust with the customer.

We take pride in the fact that Intelimentians exhibit much more than just these seven characteristics synonymous with Inteliment. Drop me a line if you feel that you would like to be part of such an intelligent, proactive, and innovative team.