When digital and information processes are advancing at a breakneck speed, companies have to come up with strategies to stay on the top of the game. Finally, for all of us, delivering the right components to the end users is the ultimate goal. Hence, a strategic partnership which gives expertise mileage to the participating companies paves way for a smoother long term success. This is exactly what we have achieved as one of the new business partners of SAP. Today, I am honoured to be selected on the SAP Partner Advisory Board. It is a feather in the cap – to become a significant member of a market leader in business applications.

For long we have managed to create a name for ourselves in the area of Data Sciences and Big Data Analytics. We have been involved in SAP-based Navigator Analytics Framework and also offer customer-centric SAP solutions. Now, with this privileged appointment as one of the eleven representatives chosen from over 600 SAP partners in their network in India, what I intend to do is to reach out to the consumers with our niche expertise. This partnership is different from a mere reseller-ship. SAP looks at us for our solutions in the areas of Big Data Analytics, IoT, and Mobility. It’s a value-added partnership, combining SAP’s market position with our compelling technology capabilities. We definitely aim to achieve competitiveness by pushing the boundaries of co-innovation.

That brings us to what exactly do I mean by co-innovation. This concept is the need of the hour to ensure a strong and loyal customer base. Apart from strengthening the foothold in the digital market space, co-innovation allows companies to highlight their domain specific expertise. Which is precisely what SAP is allowing Inteliment to do. Instead of getting someone to simply further sell their product, SAP was looking for a company to share knowledge and inputs to deal with end customer needs and market requirements. Since we already have a SAP-based Navigator Analytics Framework, which we further intend to develop into a Cloud and Mobility enabled Data Science and Analytics Platform, it will help the end users realise the power of a SAP platform with the help of our service value creation. Along with this offering, our SAP BI practice has for long had an excellent track record and successful end-to-end customer engagements. This experience, I believe, will come handy in furthering growing customer needs. In turn, we are able to provide valuable inputs to the partnering company SAP, thus, contributing considerably to their product development and roadmap. I sincerely feel that this could go on to become a perfect example of what excellent co-innovation partnerships do. They help leverage knowledge sharing capabilities and resources to mutually work on each other’s positives, eventually making decision-making process a breeze for their valuable customers.

I am equally happy to share that ours is the only company of all the others SAP has partnered with to create the Advisory Board, to have an exclusive focus on Data Analytics. We believe in customer-driven engagement models and have special proficiency in Business Analytics and have already managed to create a name for ourselves in the area of IoT and Mobility apart from Mobile Apps, Frameworks and Accelerators, among many other offerings. Thus, as a valued partner, Inteliment is able to bring to the table the latest knowledge and cutting-edge expertise to take SAP to the next level. It is just a matter of time before a productive partnership such as this one will prove that it is bound to take care of customers across all strata and industry segments.