Healthcare Analytics

Ensuring the best of care


Capacity Planning & Utilisation, Productivity

Healthcare solutions and service providers are rapidly adopting analytics to improve health outcomes, reduce the cost of care and enhance consumer engagement. The customer, a leading Hospital offering variety of healthcare services in multiple geographies, engaged us to provide an offering for the same.

We provided an analytics solution for managing healthcare players by optimising and improving data value from machines, applications as well as internet or textual forms.


Using analytics, we helped our client go beyond analysing the significance of their historical data and explore ‘what-if’ scenarios in pre-operative and post-operative care as well as capability planning and utilisation to improve productivity.

Inteliment, your Healthcare Analytics offering is not only technology agnostic, but industry aligned, and we are happy to have chosen to work with your team. We have been able to improve our quality of service and control costs using your solutions.
General Manager, Operations
A leading Hospital

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